Breast Cancer

A Guide to Detection and Multidisciplinary Therapy

  • Michael H. Torosian

Part of the Current Clinical Oncology book series (CCO)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Clinical Management

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Mary B. Daly
      Pages 3-18
    3. Julia A. Birnbaum, Emily F. Conant
      Pages 19-69
    4. Lisa A. Newman, Frederick C. Ames
      Pages 71-80
    5. Michael H. Torosian
      Pages 81-88
    6. Samuel W. Beenken, Kirby I. Bland
      Pages 89-97
    7. David R. Brenin, David W. Kinne
      Pages 99-109
    8. Louis P. Bucky, Gary A. Tuma
      Pages 111-128
    9. Barbara Fowble, Gary Freedman
      Pages 129-144
    10. Michael P. Russin, Lori J. Goldstein
      Pages 145-159
    11. Halle C. F. Moore, Kevin R. Fox
      Pages 161-174
    12. Mahmoud El-Tamer, Lucy J. Kim
      Pages 183-191
    13. Xiao Tan Qiao, Kenneth L. van Golen, Sofia D. Merajver
      Pages 193-209
  3. Special Clinical Situations

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 211-211
    2. Deborah L. Toppmeyer
      Pages 213-226
    3. Shirley Scott, Monica Morrow
      Pages 227-234
    4. Mary L. Gemignani, Jeanne A. Petrek
      Pages 235-243
    5. Thomas J. Kearney, David A. August
      Pages 245-254
    6. Marcia Boraas
      Pages 255-262
    7. Helena Chang, Jane Kakkis
      Pages 263-269
  4. Current Controversies and Research

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 271-271
    2. James F. Pingpank Jr., Elin R. Sigurdson
      Pages 285-294
    3. James C. Watson, John P. Hoffman
      Pages 295-311
    4. Daniela Santoli, Sophie Visonneau
      Pages 325-342
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 343-346

About this book


Excluding skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer occurring in women and certainly the most feared. In Breast Cancer: A Guide to Detection and Multidisciplinary Therapy, Michael H. Torosian, MD, and a panel of physicians and clinical researchers critically synthesize the wide variety of treatment options available to create a state-of-the-art reference for the management of breast cancer patients. Writing from a multidisciplinary perspective, these authoritative contributors review in the light of the most recent findings the major clinical aspects of breast cancer, including epidemiology and risk factors, breast imaging, biopsy techniques, breast-conserving surgery and reconstruction, mastectomy, and the latest developments in radiation, hormonal, and chemotherapy. Their expert discussion also addresses special clinical situations (adjuvant chemotherapy, axillary adenopathy as initial presentation, breast cancer during pregnancy, and sarcoma and lymphoma of the breast) and explains current clinical controversies (breast-conserving surgery without radiation therapy, axillary lymph node management, and management of internal mammary lymph nodes). Also spelled out are the potential implications of stem cell transplantation, immunotherapy, and gene therapy for the management of breast cancer patients in the future.
Multidisciplinary and clinically invaluable, Breast Cancer: A Guide to Detection and Multidisciplinary Therapy offers physicians and health care personnel an understandable state-of-the-art guide to the best care of breast cancer patients available today.


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