Bronchial Asthma

Principles of Diagnosis and Treatment

  • M. Eric Gershwin
  • Timothy E. Albertson

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Definitions and Host Responses to Bronchospasm

    1. Front Matter
      Pages N3-N3
    2. Russell J. Hopp, Robert G. Townley
      Pages 1-27
    3. Maurice E. Hamilton, M. Eric Gershwin
      Pages 29-74
  3. Patient Management

    1. Front Matter
      Pages N5-N5
    2. Glen A. Lillington, John L. Faul
      Pages 137-153
    3. Christopher Chang
      Pages 155-199
    4. Samuel Louie, Ken Y. Yoneda, Nicholas J. Kenyon
      Pages 201-231
    5. Arif M. Seyal
      Pages 233-253
    6. Irwin Ziment
      Pages 255-278
  4. Special Clinical Problems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages N7-N7
    2. Laurel J. Gershwin
      Pages 279-299
    3. Rahmat Afrasiabi
      Pages 301-314
    4. Harold S. Novey
      Pages 343-363
    5. Marc B. Schenker, Stanley Naguwa
      Pages 365-381
    6. Leland H. Hanowell, Dennis L. Fung
      Pages 383-399
    7. Nicholas J. Kenyon, Timothy E. Albertson
      Pages 401-426
  5. Living with Asthma

    1. Front Matter
      Pages N9-N9
    2. Joann Blessing-Moore
      Pages 427-443
    3. Ed Klingelhofer
      Pages 445-457
    4. Charles Bond
      Pages 459-464
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 465-476

About this book


This fourth edition of Gershwin & Albertson's classic Bronchial Asthma: Principles of Diagnosis and Treatment has been broadly updated and expanded to include, from a variety of disciplines, the latest diagnostic techniques, pharmacotherapies, and other developments in the clinical assessment and treatment of asthma. In addition to its comprehensive coverage and eminently readable presentation, this greatly enhanced edition describes the best practical approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of asthma in both adults and children; reviews the effects of pregnancy, exercise, and drug abuse on asthma; discusses the dramatic progress made in understanding asthma pathophysiology; and details the medical, legal, and social aspects of treating the asthma patient. Cutting-edge and highly practical, this fourth edition of Bronchial Asthma: Principles of Diagnosis and Treatment is an indispensable tool for all primary care providers, allergists, and pulmonologists treating patients with asthma today.


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  • M. Eric Gershwin
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  • Timothy E. Albertson
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  1. 1.School of MedicineUniversity of California at DavisDavisUSA

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