Nicotinic Receptors

  • Robin A.J. Lester

Part of the The Receptors book series (REC, volume 26)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Richard Martindale, Robin A. J. Lester
    Pages 1-16
  3. Steen E. Pedersen
    Pages 17-38
  4. Michael J. Marks, Sharon R. Grady, Tristan D. McClure-Begley, Heidi C. O’Neill, Cristian A. Zambrano
    Pages 61-91
  5. Catarina C. Fernandes, Adrian F. Lozada, Darwin K. Berg
    Pages 115-135
  6. Chongbo Zhong, Gretchen Y. López-Hernández, David A. Talmage, Lorna W. Role
    Pages 137-167
  7. Peter B. Sargent
    Pages 169-183
  8. Boris Lamotte d’Incamps, Philippe Ascher
    Pages 185-200
  9. Thomas J. Gould
    Pages 217-237
  10. M. Imad Damaj, Kelen Freitas, Deniz Bagdas, Pamela Flood
    Pages 239-254
  11. Michael Paolini, Mariella De Biasi, John A. Dani
    Pages 255-277
  12. Massimo Pierucci, Stephanie Chambers, Lucy Partridge, Philippe De Deurwaerdère, Giuseppe Di Giovanni
    Pages 279-305
  13. Linzy M. Hendrickson, Andrew R. Tapper
    Pages 307-325
  14. Ines Ibañez-Tallon, Jessica L. Ables
    Pages 341-362
  15. Sherry Leonard
    Pages 417-434

About this book


A comprehensive overview of nicotinic receptors that addresses their history from crystal structure to behavior as well as their implications in disease and potential as therapeutic targets. It includes background information on all subtypes of nicotinic receptors, the most recent information on the distribution throughout the nervous system, and discussion of their implications in learning and memory, addiction, and neurological and psychiatric disease such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Takes advantage of several recent developments in the fields of optogenetics, viral expression, and gene analysis to focus on current knowledge on the functional aspects of nicotinic receptors.


behavior disease molecular structure subtypes synaptic transmission

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