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Sunlight, Vitamin D and Skin Cancer


  • Explores whether sun exposure is good for human health

  • Summarizes essential information about balancing positive and negative effects of UV-radiation

  • Discusses topics ranging from endocrinology, epidemiology, histology, photobiology, cytogenetics and molecular pathology


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxv
  2. José Manuel Ordóñez, Hermann Brenner
    Pages 17-32
  3. Irene Shui, Edward Giovannucci
    Pages 33-51
  4. Sara Gandini, Patrizia Gnagnarella, Davide Serrano, Elena Pasquali, Sara Raimondi
    Pages 69-105
  5. Armin Zittermann, Sylvana Prokop
    Pages 106-119
  6. Ulrike Leiter, Thomas Eigentler, Claus Garbe
    Pages 120-140
  7. Cornelia S. L. Müller
    Pages 141-159
  8. Melanie A. Carless, Lyn R. Griffiths
    Pages 160-181
  9. Sherry H. Yu, Jeremy S. Bordeaux, Elma D. Baron
    Pages 182-191
  10. Sigrun Smola
    Pages 192-207
  11. Steffen Emmert, Michael P. Schön, Holger A. Haenssle
    Pages 234-252
  12. Thomas Vogt
    Pages 272-281
  13. Daniel D. Bikle
    Pages 282-302
  14. Clare Gordon-Thomson, Wannit Tongkao-on, Eric J. Song, Sally E. Carter, Katie M. Dixon, Rebecca S. Mason
    Pages 303-328
  15. Marianne Berwick, Claire Pestak, Nancy Thomas
    Pages 342-358

About this book


The goal of this volume is to comprehensively cover a highly readable, updated and extended, overview on our present knowledge of positive and negative effects of UV‑exposure, with a focus on vitamin D and skin cancer. Topics that are discussed in‑depth by leading researchers and clinicians range from the newest findings in endocrinology, epidemiology, histology, photobiology, immunology, cytogenetics and molecular pathology to new concepts for prophylaxis and treatment. Experts in the field as well as health care professionals not intimately involved in these specialized areas are provided with the most significant and timely information related to these topics. It is the aim of the second edition of this book to summarize essential up‑to‑date information for every clinician or scientist interested in how to balance between positive and negative effects of UV‑exposure to minimize the risks of developing vitamin D deficiency and skin cancer.


UV-exposure UV-radiation melanoma prophylaxis vitamin D deficiency

Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.Clinic for Dermatology Venerology and AllergologyThe Saarland University HospitalHomburgGermany

About the authors

Jörg Reichrath is Professor for Dermatology and Deputy Director of the Clinic for Dermatology, Allergology and Venerology at the Saarland University Hospital in Homburg/Saar, Germany. Main research interests include photobiology, dermato‑endocrinology and dermato‑oncology. He is a member of numerous national and international scientific organizations, including the German Dermatological Society (DDG), the Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft (DKG), and the German Dermatologic Co‑operative Oncology Group (DeCOG). He has been awarded numerous prizes including the Arnold Rikli-Prize 2006. Jörg Reichrath received his academic degrees (Dr. med., venia legendi) from the Saarland University, Germany.

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