Wheat Growth and Modelling

  • W. Day
  • R. K. Atkin

Part of the NATO ASI Science book series (NSSA, volume 86)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Wheat Growth and Modelling: An Introduction

  3. Plant Development and Consequences for Growth

    1. R. Delécolle, F. Couvreur, P. Pluchard, C. Varlet-Grancher
      Pages 25-31
    2. R. W. Rickman, B. Klepper, R. K. Belford
      Pages 83-98
    3. J. Goudriaan, H. H. van Laar, H. van Keulen, W. Louwerse
      Pages 107-122
    4. H. Lambers
      Pages 123-127
    5. M. R. Thorpe, Alexander Lang
      Pages 165-177
  4. Environmental Responses of Plants and Crops

    1. J. B. Passioura
      Pages 185-198
    2. W. S. Meyer, H. D. Barrs, N. S. Jayawardane
      Pages 199-204
    3. R. J. Hanks, R. B. Sorensen
      Pages 205-209
    4. D. R. Wilson, P. D. Jamieson
      Pages 211-216
    5. K. Vlassak, L. M. J. Verstraeten
      Pages 217-236
  5. General Aspects of Crop Modelling

  6. Specific Models and their Application

    1. S. Otter, J. T. Ritchie
      Pages 307-310
    2. D. C. Godwin, P. L. G. Vlek
      Pages 311-332
    3. A. H. Weir, W. Day, T. G. Sastry
      Pages 339-355
    4. E. T. Kanemasu, G. Asrar, M. Fuchs
      Pages 357-369
    5. M. Guerif, O. Philipe, R. Delécolle
      Pages 371-379
    6. J. Moorby
      Pages 381-386
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 387-407

About this book


The concept of using mathematical models to investigate crop growth and productivity has attracted much attention in recent years. A major reason is that modelling can allow an expert in one area to assess the impact of his ideas in the light of other advances in our understanding of crop performance. Whether or not many of the claims made for or the demands made of models can ever be satisfied, this role as a focus for quantitative definition of crop growth is an important one. One consequence is that the development and appraisal of such models requires the efforts of scientists from a wide range of disciplines. This NATO Advanced Research workshop was designed to bring together such a range of scientists to consider the wheat crop, and assess our understanding of the crop and our ability to model its growth and yield. The ideas and organization behind the workshop involved many people. The U. K. interest in a computer model of wheat growth was instigated by Dr. Joe Landsberg (then of Long Ashton Research Station, but now Director of CSIRO Division of Forest Research), who in 1979 started a modelling exercise as part of a collaborative study of the causes of yield variation in winter wheat, involving four research institutes supported by the Agricultural and Food Research Council. Dr.


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