Prions and Brain Diseases in Animals and Humans

  • Douglas R. O. Morrison

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 295)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Douglas R. O. Morrison
    Pages 1-18
  3. Paul Brown, Larisa Cervenáková, Lisa McShane, Paul Kleihues, Jean-François Foncin, George Collins et al.
    Pages 19-24
  4. Ricardo Nitrini, Sergio Rosemberg, Maria Rita Passos-Bueno, Luis S. Texeira da Silva, Paula Iughetti, Maria Papadopoulos et al.
    Pages 25-32
  5. Elio Lugaresi, Pasquale Montagna, Pietro Cortelli, Paolo Tinuper, Patrizia Avoni, Giuseppe Plazzi
    Pages 33-35
  6. Pierluigi Gambetti, Shu G. Chen, Piero Parchi
    Pages 37-41
  7. Charles Weissmann, Marek Fischer, Alex Raeber, Hans Ruedi Büeler, Andreas Sailer, Doron Shmerling et al.
    Pages 49-57
  8. Inyoul Lee, David Westaway, Arian Smit, Carol Cooper, Hong Yao, Stanley B. Prusiner et al.
    Pages 59-75
  9. David A. Harris, Sylvain Lehmann, Nathalie Daude
    Pages 87-98
  10. S. G. Inge-Vechtomov, E. A. Ilmov, L. N. Mironova, V. L. Tikchomirova, K. V. Volkov, S. P. Zadorsky
    Pages 99-109
  11. B. F. Semenov, S. V. Ozherelkov, V. V. Vargin
    Pages 123-133
  12. Robert Will
    Pages 141-145
  13. Randal R. Nixon, Yin Qiu, William Hyun, Stanley B. Prusiner, William C. Mobley, Stephen J. DeArmond
    Pages 147-158
  14. D. Westaway, G. A. Carlson, C. Bergeron, G. Levesque, R. Sherrington, H. Yao et al.
    Pages 159-176
  15. Vincent Beringue, Rémi Demaimay, Karim T. Adjou, Séverine Demart, François Lamoury, Michel Seman et al.
    Pages 177-185
  16. Adriano Aguzzi, Sebastian Brandner
    Pages 187-195
  17. Graham Jackson, Andrew Hill, Catherine Joseph, Anthony Clarke, John Collinge
    Pages 197-202
  18. Rudi Glockshuber, Simone Hornemann, Roland Riek, Gerhard Wider, Martin Billeter, Kurt Wüthrich
    Pages 203-216
  19. Byron Caughey, Gregory J. Raymond
    Pages 217-224
  20. Detlev Riesner, Klaus Kellings, Karin Post, Martin Pitschke, Holger Wille, Hana Serban et al.
    Pages 225-243
  21. Franco Cardone, Maurizio Pocchiari
    Pages 245-252
  22. Hans A. Kretzschmar, Armin Giese, Jochen W. Herms, David R. Brown
    Pages 253-268
  23. B. Ghetti, F. Tagliavini, S. R. Dlouhy, P. Piccardo, K. Young, R. D. Yee et al.
    Pages 269-278
  24. Heino Diringer, Elizabeth Baldauf, Michael Beekes, Muhsin Özel
    Pages 279-284
  25. Fabrizio Tagliavini, Giorgio Giaccone, Frances Prelli, Blas Frangione, Mario Salmona, Gianluigi Forloni et al.
    Pages 285-289
  26. Ruth Gabizon, Glenn Telling, Zeev Meiner, Michele Halimi, Irit Kahana, Stanley B. Prusiner
    Pages 291-295
  27. Moira E. Bruce
    Pages 297-298
  28. Katie Sidle, Bob Will, Peter Lantos, John Collinge
    Pages 299-302
  29. J. Collinge, J. Beck, T. A. Campbell, M. Desbuslais, I. Gowland, A. Hill et al.
    Pages 303-304
  30. Stanley B. Prusiner, Kiyotoshi Kaneko, Martin Vey, Glenn Telling, Michael Scott, Ruth Gabizon et al.
    Pages 305-306
  31. John Wilesmith
    Pages 309-309
  32. John Collinge
    Pages 311-311
  33. A. R. Clarke
    Pages 317-317
  34. Eva Mitrova
    Pages 319-319
  35. Back Matter
    Pages 341-357

About this book


Most of the world's experts on prions met for a workshop in Erice in August 1996. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the fundamentals of the science ofprions. It was for­ tunate that so many could be present given the pressure that they were under because of the data presented in March 1996, indicating that Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, BSE or Mad Cow Disease, had penetrated the species barrier and was beginning to cause a new dis­ ease in humans--the new variant ofCreutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, nvCJD. This important and urgent subject became an additional major topic at the workshop. This is a book containing most of the talks plus the abstracts of those unable to find time to write up their talks. Almost all papers were written in the spring and summer of 1997 and contain material added after the workshop; thus Bob Will's paper on the new variant of cm contains data up to July 1997 and four contributions arrived in October 1997. In addition to the talks given at our workshop, there was a special joint session with the Planetary Emergencies Workshop where many distinguished scientists, including three Nobel laureates, discussed major issues affecting our planet. Six talks were given by us to this other workshop, five about prions, BSE, and nvCJD, and one on the broader issue of new epi­ demics by Luc Montagnier. Although most of the talks concerned research issues, there were a few special talks.


BSE Creutzfeldt-Jakob brain cell culture mutation prions protein sequencing

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