Instabilities in Multiphase Flows

  • G. Gouesbet
  • A. Berlemont

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Eric Ringuet, Claude Roze, Gérard Gouesbet
    Pages 17-24
  3. Ph. Camatte, I. Caré, Ch. Dumouchel, M. Ledoux
    Pages 53-67
  4. B. I. Nigmatulin, V. N. Blinkov, O. I. Melikhov, P. G. Gakhal
    Pages 89-100
  5. Mamoru Ozawa, Yoshihisa Asao, Nobuyuki Takenaka
    Pages 113-124
  6. Kang Tae-il, Koji Okamoto, Haruki Madarame
    Pages 125-136
  7. C. J. Aldridge, A. C. Fowler
    Pages 137-148
  8. N.-H. Chen, B. Rogg
    Pages 149-160
  9. M. Hennenberg, X. L. Chu, M. G. Velarde, A. Sanfeld
    Pages 183-192
  10. S. W. Joo, S. H. Davis, S. G. Bankoff
    Pages 219-229
  11. Emile Danho, Michel Bouthier
    Pages 231-239
  12. Massamba Thioye, René Darrigo, Gérard Gouesbet
    Pages 261-275
  13. I. Sh. Akhatov, R. G. Chembarisova
    Pages 277-287
  14. Jean-Claude Bacri, Nicole Rakotomalala, Dominique Salin, Robert Wouméni
    Pages 297-308
  15. Vladimir V. Kuznetsov, Oleg B. Bocharov, Oleg V. Vitovsky
    Pages 309-319
  16. Kazuma Fukuda, Koichi Hishida, Masanobu Maeda
    Pages 321-331
  17. Iwanka P. Nikolova
    Pages 333-340
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 341-344

About this book


The study of multiphase flows is of utmost interest for engineers who are more or less inevitably faced with them when handling various industrial processes or when dealing with environmental problems such as the dispersion of pollutants. It is also a large kingdom assembling many beautiful and weird landscapes in which wandering researchers may be caught by the fascination of precious stones or mysterious insets to deep and obscure caverns. Unfortunately, it is also an historically disconnected field of research, as testified by any textbook contents or by the scientific programs of conferences devoted to multiphase flows. For instance, is there a relation between fluidization and the study of interfacial waves, or between the behaviour of an annular film of liquid and the one of a free surface heated from below? The answer is indeed: yes. To help reveal some unity behind the avatars of multiphase flow behaviours, it has been decided to focus the interest on the instability phenomena. This book therefore provides the reader with most of the papers which have been accepted and/or presented at the international symposium on "instabilities in multiphase flows" held at the National Institute for Applied Science (INS A) in Rouen, France, from the 11 th of May to the 14th of May 1992. The topic of the conference has produced a strong emphasis on instability theory and nonlinear dynamics, including chaotic phenomena.


crystal dynamics multiphase flow simulation stability

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  • G. Gouesbet
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  • A. Berlemont
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  1. 1.Laboratoire d’Energétique des Systèmes et ProcédésURA CNRS 230-INSA de RouenMont Saint AignanFrance

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