Symmetries in Science VI

From the Rotation Group to Quantum Algebras

  • Bruno Gruber

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. T. Ackermann, E. Binz
    Pages 1-17
  3. N. Argao, M. S. Yenigül
    Pages 41-45
  4. Metin Arik
    Pages 47-55
  5. R. Askey, N. M. Atakishiyev, S. K. Suslov
    Pages 57-63
  6. Henri Bacry
    Pages 65-73
  7. Dennis Bonatsos, C. Daskaloyannis
    Pages 89-97
  8. Othmar Brodbeck, Norbert Straumann
    Pages 115-128
  9. Enrico Celeghini
    Pages 149-156
  10. M. Chaichian, J. A. De Azcárraga, F. Rodenas
    Pages 157-170
  11. P. Cotta-Ramusino, L. Lambe, M. Rinaldi
    Pages 171-186
  12. Thomas Curtright, Cosmas Zachos
    Pages 187-194
  13. David Fairlie, Jean Nuyts
    Pages 217-224
  14. U. Franz, B. Gruber
    Pages 247-253
  15. F. Ghaboussi
    Pages 255-261
  16. Joseph N. Ginocchio, Wick C. Haxton
    Pages 263-273
  17. Marek P. Grabowski, Chia-Hsiung Tze
    Pages 287-297
  18. F. Iachello
    Pages 343-357
  19. J. L. Jacquot, J. Richert, M. Umezawa
    Pages 359-366
  20. B. R. Judd, G. M. S. Lister
    Pages 367-371
  21. Richard Kerner
    Pages 373-387
  22. A. U. Klimyk, S. Pakuliak
    Pages 389-414
  23. N. V. Krasnikov, R. Rodenberg
    Pages 431-436
  24. James D. Louck
    Pages 455-468
  25. Jerzy Lukierski, Pierre Minnaert, Anatol Nowicki
    Pages 469-475
  26. J. Lukierski, A. Nowicki, H. Ruegg
    Pages 477-487
  27. M. Moshinsky
    Pages 503-514
  28. Masao Nomura
    Pages 537-551
  29. Kazuhiko Odaka, Susumu Kamefuchi
    Pages 553-560
  30. L. O’Raifeartaigh
    Pages 569-572

About this book


The Symposium ·Symmetries in Science VI: From the Rotation Group to Quantum Algebras· was held at the Cloister Mehrerau, Bregenz, Austria, during the period August 2-7, 1992. The Symposium was held in honor of Professor Lawrence C. Biedenharn on the occasion of his 70th birthday. During the academic year 1966/67 I worked as research associate with Larry at Duke University and we have ever since maintained close contact. It was thus natural for me to take the initiative and to organize this Symposium in honor of Larry as a great scientist and friend. The response which the Symposium received showed the favorable reaction by the scientific community to the opportunity provided by the Symposium to honor our colleague, teacher and friend. Equally, the scientific contributions contained in this volume illustrate the high esteem in which he is held. I wish to thank all the scientists who participated in the Symposium and who contributed to this volume. It is due to their commitment that the Symposium was successful. Finally I need to thank those who provided financial and logistical assistance to the Symposium: Dr. John H. Guyon, President of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Dr. Russell R. Dutcher, Dean, College of Science at SIUC, Dr. Maurice A. Wright, Chairman, Department of Physics, SIUC, Dr. Victoria J. Molfese, Office of Research Developement and Administration, SIUC, as well as Dr. Martin Purtscher, Landeshauptmann, Land Vorarlberg Dr. Guntram Lins, Landesrat, Land Vorarlberg.


Gravity fields geometry physics symmetry

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