Enzymes of the Cholinesterase Family

  • Daniel M. Quinn
  • A. S. Balasubramanian
  • Bhupendra P. Doctor
  • Palmer Taylor

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Gene Structure and Expression of Cholinesterases

    1. Presentations

      1. Hermona Soreq, Efrat Lev-Lehman, Deborah Patinkin, Mirta Grifman, Gal Ehrlich, Dalia Ginzberg et al.
        Pages 1-6
      2. Martine Arpagaus, Nathalie Schirru, Emmanuel Culetto, Vincenzo Talesa, Xavier Cousin, Arnaud Chatonnet et al.
        Pages 7-13
      3. Palmer Taylor, Zoran Radić, Hans-Jürgen Kreienkamp, Zhigang Luo, Natilie A. Pickering, Shelley Camp
        Pages 15-21
      4. Omar Jbilo, Jean-Pierre Toutant, Arnaud Chatonnet, Oksana Lockridge
        Pages 23-28
      5. Jean Massoulié, Alain Anselmet, Suzanne Bon, Françoise Coussen, Eric Krejci, Claire Legay
        Pages 29-36
      6. Zoran Grubič, Armand F. Miranda
        Pages 37-43
    2. Posters

      1. Meira Sternfeld, Shlomo Seidman, Revital Ben Aziz-Aloya, Michael Shapira, Rina Timberg, Daniela Kaufer et al.
        Pages 45-46
      2. Claire Legay, Monique Huchet, Jean Massoulié, Jean-Pierre Changeux
        Pages 47-48
      3. Omar Jbilo, Yann L’Hermite, Vincenzo Talesa, Jean-Pierre Toutant, Arnaud Chatonnet
        Pages 49-50
      4. D. Getman, K. Inoue, P. Taylor
        Pages 56-56
      5. Annick Mutero, Palmer Taylor
        Pages 57-57
  3. Polymorphism and Structure of Cholinesterases

    1. Presentations

      1. J. L. Sussman, M. Harel, M. Raves, D. M. Quinn, H. K. Nair, I. Silman
        Pages 59-65
      2. Daniel R. Ripoll, Carlos H. Faerman, Richard Gillilan, Israel Silman, Joel L. Sussman
        Pages 67-70
      3. Israel Silman, David I. Kreimer, Irina Shin, Elena A. Dolginova, Ester Roth, Daniella Goldfarb et al.
        Pages 77-82
      4. S. T. Wlodek, J. Antosiewicz, M. K. Gilson, J. A. McCammon, T. W. Clark, L. R. Scott
        Pages 97-104
    2. Posters

      1. L. Jaganathan, K. Padmalatha, G. Revathi, R. Boopathy
        Pages 123-124
      2. Anton Štalc, Zoran Grubič, Marjeta Šentjurc, Slavko Pečar, Mary K. Gentry, Bhupendra P. Doctor
        Pages 125-126
      3. Vincenzo Talesa, Marta Grauso, Elvio Giovannini, Gabriella Rosi, Jean-Pierre Toutant
        Pages 127-127
      4. Vincenzo Talesa, Marta Grauso, Elvio Giovannini, Gabriella Rosi, Jean-Pierre Toutant
        Pages 128-128
      5. R. M. Blong, P. Masson, O. Lockridge
        Pages 129-130
      6. M. Lebleu, C. Cléry, P. Masson, S. Reuveny, D. Marcus, B. Velan et al.
        Pages 131-132
  4. Mechanism of Catalysis of Cholinesterases

    1. Presentations

      1. Y. Ashani, Z. Radic, I. Tsigelny, D. C. Vellom, N. A. Pickering, D. M. Quinn et al.
        Pages 133-140
      2. B. P. Doctor, Mary K. Gentry, Ashima Saxena, Yacov Ashani
        Pages 141-147
      3. Didier Fournier, Marie Maturano, Laurent Gagnoux, Philippe Ziliani, Cyril Pertuy, Madeleine Pralavorio et al.
        Pages 149-153
      4. Akos Bencsura, Istvan Enyedy, Carol Viragh, Rinat Akhmetshin, Ildiko M. Kovach
        Pages 155-162
      5. L. Ehret-Sabatier, I. Schalk, C. Loeb, F. Nachon, M. Goeldner
        Pages 163-168
      6. Zoran Radić, Daniel M. Quinn, Daniel C. Vellom, Shelley Camp, Palmer Taylor
        Pages 183-188
      7. A. Shafferman, A. Ordentlich, D. Barak, C. Kronman, N. Ariel, M. Leitner et al.
        Pages 189-196
      8. Pascale Marchot, Shelley Camp, Zoran Radić, Pierre E. Bougis, Palmer Taylor
        Pages 197-202
      9. Daniel M. Quinn, Javier Seravalli, Haridasan K. Nair, Rohit Medhekar, Basel Husseini, Zoran Radić et al.
        Pages 203-207
    2. Posters

      1. A. Ordentlich, C. Kronman, D. Stein, N. Ariel, S. Reuveny, D. Marcus et al.
        Pages 221-222
      2. D. Barak, A. Ordentlich, C. Kronman, R. Ber, T. Bino, N. Ariel et al.
        Pages 223-224
      3. Natilie A. Pickering, Palmer Taylor, Harvey Berman
        Pages 227-227
      4. Daniel M. Quinn, Haridasan K. Nair, Javier Seravalli, Keun Lee, Tomira Arbuckle, Zoran Radić et al.
        Pages 228-229
      5. P. Masson, M. T. Froment, C. Bartels, O. Lockridge
        Pages 230-231
  5. Cellular Biology of Cholinesterases

About this book


The Fifth International Meeting on Cholinesterases convened in Madras, India, in September of 1994. The long and rich history and culture of India provided an excellent setting for the meeting. More than 120 delegates from Asia, Australia, Europe and North America heard 54 oral presentations and viewed 54 posters on current research on enzymes of the cholinesterase family. The aim of this book is to compile the presentations of the Fifth International Meeting on Cholinesterases into a volume that describes recent investigations on the structure and catalytic function of acetylcholinesterase (AChE), butyrylcholinesterase (BuChE) and related enzymes, as well as studies on the molecular and cellular biology of these enzymes and the genes which encode them. Cholinesterases enjoy a long and storied history in diverse areas. In basic biochemical research, AChE is one of the best studied, though yet enigmatic, of enzymes. The efficient catalytic function of this enzyme presents the biochemist with a fundamental challenge in understanding the relationship between structure and function. AChE and BuChE belong to a family of proteins, the alB hydrolase fold family, whose constituents evolutionarily diverged from a common ancestor. Proteins in this family have a wide range of physiological functions. In commerce, AChE is a prime target for agricultural insect control, and for the development of therapeutic agents for Alzheimer's disease.


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