• Valerie R. Walker
  • Roger A. L. Sutton
  • E. C. Bert Cameron
  • Charles Y. C. Pak
  • William G. Robertson

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxv
  2. Physiology and Urolithiasis

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. C. C. Tisher
      Pages 3-8
    3. K. Bomsztyk, S. Miyakawa
      Pages 9-14
    4. B. Fellström, C. Juhlin, H. Johansson, L. Klareskog, S. Ljunghall, J. Rastad et al.
      Pages 15-18
    5. N. A. Kurtzman
      Pages 19-22
    6. M. J. Favus
      Pages 23-27
  3. Crystalluria

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 29-29
    2. Nature of Crystals and Crystalluria

      1. P. O. Schwille, P. Kuch, I. Berger, H. Berens
        Pages 31-32
      2. A. George, K. Sachidev, T. Joseph, R. Vathsala, Y. M. Fazil Marickar
        Pages 33-34
      3. K. Sachidev, S. Sindhu, R. Vathsala, M. Joseph Thomas, S. Vasudevan, Y. M. Fazil Marickar
        Pages 35-36
      4. Y. M. Fazil Marickar, K. Sachidev, T. Joseph, S. Sindhu, P. Koshy
        Pages 37-38
      5. P. Koshy, A. George, K. Sachidev, T. Joseph, Y. M. Fazil Marickar
        Pages 39-40
      6. Y. M. Fazil Marickar, K. Sachidev, T. Joseph, S. Sindhu, R. Vathsala
        Pages 41-42
      7. R. Vathsala, S. Sindhu, K. Sachidev, S. Vasudevan, T. Joseph, Y. M. Fazil Marickar
        Pages 43-44
    3. Methods of Measurement

    4. Crystal Formation in the Kidney

      1. F. Hering, G. Lueoend, T. Briellmann, H. Seiler, H. Guggenheim, G. Rutishauser
        Pages 73-74
  4. Inhibitors and Promoters of Crystallization

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 81-81
    2. Introduction

      1. G. H. Nancollas, S. A. Smesko, A. A. Campbell, M. Coyle-Rees, A. Ebrahimpour, M. Binette et al.
        Pages 83-90
      2. R. L. Ryall, P. K. Grover, R. M. Harnett, C. M. Hibberd, V. R. Marshall
        Pages 91-96
      3. F. L. Coe, J. H. Parks, Y. Nakagawa
        Pages 97-100
      4. B. G. Danielson, B. Fellström, B. Wikström
        Pages 101-104
      5. D. J. Kok, S. E. Papapoulos, I. Que, O. L. M. Bijvoet
        Pages 105-108
    3. Theme Poster Session: Inhibitors I

      1. F. L. Coe, R. L. Ryall
        Pages 113-115
      2. S. R. Khan, R. L. Hackett
        Pages 121-123
      3. S. R. Khan, P. N. Shevock, R. L. Hackett
        Pages 125-127
      4. R. L. Ryall, R. M. Harnett, C. M. Hibberd, K. A. Edyvane, V. R. Marshall
        Pages 133-135
      5. M. J. Hounslow, R. L. Ryall, V. R. Marshall
        Pages 147-150
      6. S. Sarig, R. Azoury, E. Lerner, F. Kahana
        Pages 151-153
      7. M. Daudon, R. J. Réveillaud, H. Levasseur, P. Jungers
        Pages 155-157
      8. K. Kataoka, Y. Ishikawa, Y. Katayama, M. Kodama, M. Takada, Y. Katoh et al.
        Pages 159-161
    4. Theme Poster Session: Inhibitors II

      1. C. Y. C. Pak, J. D. Sallis
        Pages 163-164
      2. S. Öhman, L. Larsson, H.-G. Tiselius
        Pages 165-168

About this book


This volume comprises the proceedings of the sixth in a series of International Symposia devoted to basic and clinical aspects of urolithiasis. Previous symposia have been held at intervals of four years in Leeds, Madrid, Davos, Williamsburg, and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The sixth symposium was held in Vancouver, British Columbia and was attended by over 250 participants from 26 countries around the world. As may be seen from the contents of this volume, the meeting covered many aspects of urolithiasis including the underlying physiology, crystal formation and the effects of inhibitors and promoters on crystallization, endocrinology and abnormalities of urinary composition, analyses, geography and epidemiology, and medical and surgical treatment with a special emphasis on extracorporeal lithotripsy. Internationally-recognized authorities gave invited talks in each of these areas, and from the submitted abstracts 30 were selected for oral presentation and the remainder were presented in either general or theme poster sessions. The nine theme-poster sessions provided a particularly valuable and successful feature of the meeting, giving an opportunity for a group of researchers working in related areas to present their posters and also to give a brief oral summary which was followed by discussion with the audience. Each of these poster sessions was chaired by two experts in the field who have provided an overview of each theme-poster session for this volume.


anesthesia assessment biochemistry chemistry clinic diagnosis endocrinology growth infection kidney physiology therapy ultrasound urology

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