Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Introduction to the International Conference: The Effects of Human Milk upon the Recipient Infant

  3. Nutrient Utilization-Growth

    1. William C. Heird, Sudha Kashyap, Karl F. Schulze, Rajasekhar Ramakrishnan, Christine L. Zucker, Ralph B. Dell
      Pages 9-21
    2. Mary Frances Picciano
      Pages 23-35
    3. Stephanie A. Atkinson, Bo Lönnerdal
      Pages 57-59
    4. Anne M. Smith, Mary Frances Picciano
      Pages 81-87
    5. Klaus Dörner, Erika Sievers, Stefan Dziadzka
      Pages 89-97
    6. Johan Ek
      Pages 99-104
    7. Stephanie A. Atkinson, Robin K. Whyte
      Pages 105-107
    8. Cutberto Garza, Janice Stuff, Nancy Butte
      Pages 109-121
    9. R. K. Whyte, J. C. Sinclair, H. S. Bayley
      Pages 135-142
    10. G. Putet, J. Rigo, B. Salle, J. Senterre
      Pages 143-149
    11. Robert G. Jensen
      Pages 151-155
    12. Joel Bitman, Teresa H. Liao, Margit Hamosh, N. R. Mehta, R. J. Buczek, D. L. Wood et al.
      Pages 157-165
    13. Olle Hernell, Stefan Bernbäck, Lars Bläckberg
      Pages 167-173
    14. Peggy R. Borum, Janet K. Baltzell, Alesia Patera
      Pages 175-181
  4. Growth Factors, Hormones and Inducers

    1. O. Koldovský, A. Bedrick, P. Pollack, R. K. Rao, W. Thornburg
      Pages 183-196
    2. Leanna C. Read, Susan M. Gale, Carlos George-Nascimento
      Pages 199-204
    3. S. Dai, M. Klagsbrun, C. W. Ogle, Y. Shing
      Pages 205-211
    4. Hansjörg Teschemacher
      Pages 213-225
    5. William R. Kidwell, David S. Salomon, S. Mohanam, Graeme I. Bell
      Pages 227-239
  5. Host Resistance

    1. Lars A. Hanson, Randall M. Goldblum
      Pages 241-243
    2. R. M. Goldblum, R. Schanler, C. Garza, A. S. Goldman
      Pages 245-250
    3. Margaret A. Keller, Annette L. Rodriguez, Sarah Alvarez, Noel C. Wheeler, Diane Reisinger
      Pages 261-267
  6. Potentially Harmful Effects

    1. Robert F. Pass
      Pages 279-287
    2. Paul R. Harmatz, Donald G. Hanson, Marc Brown, Ronald E. Kleinman, W. Allan Walker, Kurt J. Bloch
      Pages 289-299
    3. John T. Wilson, R. Don Brown, Iain J. Smith, James L. Hinson
      Pages 301-315
    4. Rüdiger von Kries, Rudolf Tangermann, Martin Shearer, Ulrich Göbel
      Pages 317-324
    5. Berthold Koletzko, Maria Mrotzek, Hans Joachim Bremer
      Pages 325-335
  7. Epidemiology

    1. J.-P. Habicht, K. M. Rasmussen, A. S. Goldman
      Pages 337-338
    2. K. Dewey, C. Garza, R. Martorell, M. S. Kramer, L. A. Hanson, R. K. Chandra
      Pages 361-366
    3. J.-P. Habicht, M. W. Woolridge, K. M. Rasmussen, R. Martorell, M. S. Kramer, F. Jalil et al.
      Pages 367-370
  8. Poster Session

    1. Stefan Bernbäck, Olle Hernell, Lars Bläckberg
      Pages 371-371
    2. Nitin R. Mehta, Margit Hamosh, Joel Bitman, D. Larry Wood
      Pages 372-372
    3. N. F. Butte, W. W. Wong, B. W. Patterson, C. Garza, P. D. Klein
      Pages 374-374
    4. Kathryn G. Dewey, Bo Lönnerdal
      Pages 375-375
    5. Sylvia V. Rumball, Bryan F. Anderson, Heather M. Baker, Gillian E. Norris, Joyce M. Waters, Edward N. Baker
      Pages 376-376
    6. Sharon M. Donovan, Stephanie A. Atkinson, Bo Lönnerdal
      Pages 377-378

About this book


Four years ago the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) brought together a group of scientists to Belmont, Maryland to examine the status of human milk banking. During those deliberations, the idea was generated to organize a series of research conferences concerning human lactation and the composition and biological effects of human milk. The first one, organized by Robert G. Jensen from the University of Connecticut and Margaret C. Neville from the University of Colorado, dealt with methodologic issues. An additional meeting to explore the effects of maternal and environmental factors upon human lactation and the composition of human milk was organized by Margit Hamosh from Georgetown University and me, and was held in January, 1986 in Oaxaca, Mexico. Those meetings provided the foundation for the design of the present conference, 'The Effects of Human Milk Upon the Recipient Infant'. In addition to a grant from the NICHD, the conference was generously supported by Milupa AG from the Federal Republic of Germany; Wyeth Limited and Mead Johnson of Canada; and Ross Laboratories, Heinz USA, the Mead Johnson Nutritional Group, Wyeth International Limited, Gerber Products Company, the La Leche League International, Glaxo Incorporated and Sandoz Pharmaceutical Corporation from the United States.


Absorption Calcium Malnutrition Nutrition Oligosaccharid Phosphor Toxin Vitamin Vitamin D Vitamin K body composition breast feeding proteins

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  3. 3.University of GöteborgGöteborgSweden

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