Polymers and Other Advanced Materials

Emerging Technologies and Business Opportunities

  • Paras N. Prasad
  • James E. Mark
  • Ting Joo Fai

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Composites and Blends

    1. John T. Quinlivan, Henry R. Fenbert
      Pages 1-5
    2. Jin Chul Jung, Sang-Bong Park, Heesub Kim, Sung Hwan Ji, Wang-Cheol Zin
      Pages 27-35
    3. A. R. Roslan, M. S. Leong
      Pages 37-51
    4. Jong-Wook Ha, Seung-Man Yang
      Pages 83-91
    5. C. I. Hwang, S. B. Kil, O. O. Park
      Pages 93-100
    6. Chang Sik Ha, Won-Ki Lee, Won-Jei Cho, Hiroo Nakahara
      Pages 101-107
    7. M. Nasir, H. Ishak, B. Azahari
      Pages 109-116
    8. Ibrahim Abdullah, Sahrim Ahmad, Che Som Sulaiman
      Pages 117-123
    9. Azmi Rahmat, Shamsul Baharin, P. R. Khangaonkar
      Pages 159-167
    10. Mohammed Yasin, Allan J. Amass, Brian J. Tighe
      Pages 169-176
  3. High Performance Materials

  4. Materials for Electronics

    1. M. Muccini, R. F. Mahrt, R. Hennig, U. Lemmer, H. Bässler, F. Biscarini et al.
      Pages 297-302
    2. G. Louarn, S. Quillard, S. Lefrant
      Pages 317-326
    3. G. Iucci, K. Xing, C. W. Spangler, M. Lögdlund, A. Holmes, W. R. Salaneck
      Pages 335-346
    4. Abhijit Sarkar, Leong L. San, Hardy S. O. Chan, Siu C. Ng
      Pages 355-360
    5. S. Radhakrishna, S. Anandan
      Pages 369-378
  5. Materials for Photonics

    1. J. C. Dubois, L. Bouteiller, P. Le Barny, P. Robin
      Pages 393-403
    2. J. R. Davy, S. R. Rees, J. Staromlynska, J. A. Hermann, M. P. Gillyon, T. J. McKay et al.
      Pages 405-419
    3. L. Palchetti, D. Grando, E. Giorgetti, S. Sottini, Qu Li
      Pages 433-440
    4. D. Gonin, B. Guichard, C. Noël, F. Kajzar
      Pages 465-483
    5. P. Günter, P. Prêtre, P. Kaatz, Ch. Weder, P. Neuenschwander, U. W. Suter
      Pages 485-491
    6. X. T. Tao, H. Ukuda, T. Watanabe, S. Miyata
      Pages 493-501

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Recycling advanced materials composite composite material crystal liquid liquid crystals photonics polymer polymers

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