Neutrons in Biology

  • Benno P. Schoenborn

Part of the Basic Life Sciences book series (BLSC, volume 27)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Session I

  3. Session II

    1. Roland P. May, Heinrich B. Stuhrmann, Knud H. Nierhaus
      Pages 25-45
    2. P. B. Moore, D. M. Engelman, J. A. Langer, V. R. Ramakrishnan, D. G. Schindler, B. P. Schoenborn et al.
      Pages 73-91
  4. Session III

    1. Graham A. Bentley, John T. Finch, Anita Lewit-Bentley, Michel Roth
      Pages 105-117
    2. A. M. Saxena, C. F. Majkrzak
      Pages 143-157
  5. Session IV

    1. Glen I. King, Nan-Ming Chao, Stephen H. White
      Pages 159-172
    2. Stephen Cusack
      Pages 173-188
  6. Session V

    1. David Atkinson, G. Graham Shipley
      Pages 211-226
    2. J. Trewhella, E. Gogol, G. Zaccai, D. M. Engelman
      Pages 227-246
  7. Session VI

  8. Session VII

    1. Sax A. Mason, Graham A. Bentley, Garry J. McIntyre
      Pages 323-334
    2. Martha M. Teeter, Anthony A. Kossiakoff
      Pages 335-348
  9. Session VIII

    1. D. M. Engelman, A. J. Dianoux, S. Cusack, B. Jacrot
      Pages 365-380
    2. H. D. Middendorf, J. T. Randall, H. L. Crespi
      Pages 381-400
    3. Peter B. Moore
      Pages 437-439
  10. Abstracts of Poster Presentations

    1. E. E. Abola, F. C. Bernstein, T. F. Koetzle
      Pages 441-441
    2. C. Berthet, M. Cuillel, B. Jacrot, A. Tardieu, P. Vachette
      Pages 442-442
    3. H. R. Child, W. C. Koehler, J. S. Lin, L. Maddox, S. Spooner, V. Ramakrishnan et al.
      Pages 444-444
    4. B. E. Hingerty, G. L. Hardgrove, W. Saenger
      Pages 446-446
    5. J. M. Pachence, B. P. Schoenborn, I. S. Edelman
      Pages 451-451
    6. E. C. Uberbacher, D. E. Olins, G. J. Bunick, W. C. Koehler
      Pages 452-452
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 453-462

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