Pioneering Ideas for the Physical and Chemical Sciences

Josef Loschmidt’s Contributions and Modern Developments in Structural Organic Chemistry, Atomistics, and Statistical Mechanics

  • W. Fleischhacker
  • T. Schönfeld

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Organic Structural Chemistry

  3. Physics and Physical Chemistry

    1. Hermann Bondi
      Pages 159-162
    2. Walter Thirring
      Pages 163-178
    3. Henk Kubbinga
      Pages 217-222
    4. Harald A. Posch, Christoph Dellago, William G. Hoover, Oyeon Kum
      Pages 233-248
    5. H. Peter Karnthaler, Thomas Waitz, Bernhard Mingier, Christian Rentenberger
      Pages 249-255
    6. Heinz Schimpl, Heinrich Hess, Anton Ziegler, Stefan Brandes
      Pages 257-262
  4. Loschmidt’s Biography, Loschmidt’s World

  5. Erratum

    1. W. Fleischhacker, T. Schönfeld
      Pages 321-321
    2. Ernest L. Eliel
      Pages 321-321
    3. Heinz Schimpl, Heinrich Hess, Anton Ziegler, Stefan Brandes
      Pages 321-321
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 307-320

About this book


This volume presents the contributions delivered at the "Josef-Loschmidt-Sympo­ sium," which took place in Vienna, June 25-27, 1995. The symposium was arranged to honor Josef Loschmidt one hundred years after his death (8 July 1895), to evaluate the sig­ nificance of his contributions to chemistry and physics from a modem point of view and to trace the development of scientific fields in which he had done pioneering work. Loschmidt is widely known for the first calculation of the size of molecules (1865/66), which also led to values for the number of molecules in unit gas volume and for the mass of molecules. With critical analyses of problems in statistical physics he made important contributions to the development of that field, "Loschmidt's paradoxon" continuing to be a point of departure for present day studies and discussions. For decades there was little awareness that Loschmidt was a pioneer in organic struc­ tural chemistry. Only in recent years has Loschmidt's first scientific publication "Chemis­ che Studien I", published in 1861, become more widely known and it is now recognized that with his ideas on the structure of organic molecules he was greatly ahead of the chemists of that time. The papers in these proceedings are arranged in three sections: l. Organic structural chemistry (Chapters 1-12). 2. Physics and physical chemistry (Chapters 13-26). 3. Loschmidt's biography, Loschmidt's world (Chapters 27-33).


molecule natural product organic chemistry

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