Platinum and Other Metal Coordination Compounds in Cancer Chemotherapy 2

  • H. M. Pinedo
  • J. H. Schornagel

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Synthesis and Activity of Platinum Compounds

    1. Kevin J. Barnham, Susan J. Berners-Price, Zijian Guo, Piedad del Socorro Murdoch, Peter J. Sadler
      Pages 1-16
    2. Rozenn Dalbiès, Marc Boudvillain, Marc Leng
      Pages 17-25
    3. Mauro Coluccia, Maria A. Mariggiò, Angela Boccarelli, Francesco Loseto, Nicola Cardellicchio, Paola Caputo et al.
      Pages 27-35
    4. Yoshinori Kidani, Ryoichi Kizu, Motoichi Miyazaki, Masahide Noji, Akio Matsuzawa, Yasutaka Takeda et al.
      Pages 43-51
  3. Clinical Pharmacology

    1. Pierre Canal, Etienne Chatelut
      Pages 53-66
    2. L. J. C. van Warmerdam, M. T. Huizing, G. Giaccone, P. J. M. Bakker, J. B. Vermorken, P. E. Postmus et al.
      Pages 67-82
    3. Ian Judson, Mark McKeage, Janet Hanwell, Claire Berry, Prakash Mistry, Florence Raynaud et al.
      Pages 83-89
  4. Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

    1. Gerrit Los, Dennis Gately, Michael L. Costello, Franz Thiebaut, Peter Naredi, Stephen B. Howell
      Pages 91-105
    2. Anne Marie J. Fichtinger-Schepman, Marij J. P. Welters, Helma C. M. van Dijk-Knijnenburg, Marianne L. T. van der Sterre, Michael J. Tilby, Frits Berends et al.
      Pages 107-119
    3. John A. Hartley, Robert L. Souhami, Keith A. Grimaldi
      Pages 121-130
    4. John Mendelsohn, Zhen Fan, Jose Baselga
      Pages 155-163
  5. Clinical Studies

    1. P. Soulié, E. Raymond, J. L. Misset, E. Cvitkovic
      Pages 165-174
    2. H. H. Fiebig
      Pages 181-186
    3. Michaele C. Christian
      Pages 187-192
    4. Makoto Ogawa
      Pages 193-197
    5. S. Rodenhuis, E. van der Wall, J. H. Schornagel, J. W. Baars
      Pages 221-227
    6. Jean-Pierre Droz, Pierre Biron, Stéphane Culine, Andrew Kramar
      Pages 229-238
    7. Candace S. Johnson, Ming-Jei Chang, Wei-Dong Yu, Ruth A. Modzelewski, Derick M. Russell, Theodore F. Logan et al.
      Pages 239-251
  6. Non-Platinum Metal Complexes

    1. Bernhard K. Keppler, Ellen A. Vogel
      Pages 253-268
  7. How does Platinum Kill the Cell?

    1. Stephen B. Howell, Dennis P. Gately, Randolph D. Christen, Gerrit Los
      Pages 269-282
    2. Patrick M. O’Connor, Saijun Fan
      Pages 293-301
  8. Controversy Session: Cisplatin vs Carboplatin?

  9. Resistance

    1. Richard D. Wood, Juhani A. Vilpo, Leena M. Vilpo, David E. Szymkowski, Anne O’Donovan, Jonathan G. Moggs
      Pages 317-326
    2. Stephen G. Chaney, Edward L. Mamenta
      Pages 327-340
    3. John S. Lazo, Ya-Yun Yang
      Pages 341-346
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 347-357

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