Therapeutic Uses of Trace Elements

  • Jean Nève
  • Philippe Chappuis
  • Michel Lamand

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Essential Role, forms, and Conditions of Administration of Trace Elements

    1. V. Ducros, P. Faure, M. Ferry, F. Couzy, I. Biajoux, A. Favier
      Pages 33-36
    2. I. Martínez, M. Santaella, G. Ros, M. J. Periago
      Pages 47-52
    3. Josefina Ortuño, Gaspar Ros, María Jesús Periago, Carmen Martínez, Ginés López
      Pages 53-57
    4. I. Navarro Blasco, I. Villa Elízaga, A. Martín Pérez
      Pages 59-62
    5. Charles Coudray, Jean Claude Tressol, Elyette Gueux, Enny Sominar, Jacques Bellanger, Denise Pepin et al.
      Pages 63-68
  3. Trace Element Supplementation at Different Periods of Age

  4. Trace Elements in Relation with Inflammatory Conditions and Infections and in Digestive Diseases

    1. Roberto Milanino, Giampaolo Velo, Mauro Marrella
      Pages 115-126
    2. D. Vitoux, X. Forceville, R. Gauzit, P. Lahilaire, A. Combes, P. Chappuis
      Pages 127-131
    3. S. Gaubert, L. Lambs, G. Berthon
      Pages 139-144
    4. G. C. Sturniolo, R. D’Inca, C. Mestriner, P. Irato, V. Di Leo, A. D’Odorico et al.
      Pages 151-155
    5. G. Le Moël, T. Gousson, A. Dauvergne, M. Succari, N. Delas, M. J. Cals et al.
      Pages 157-160
  5. Trace Elements in Endocrinology and Nutrition

    1. Richard A. Anderson, Noella A. Bryden, Marilyn M. Polansky
      Pages 161-165
    2. C. da Silva, J. Poupon, P. J. Guillausseau, P. Chappuis
      Pages 167-170
    3. D. Bouglé, F. Bureau
      Pages 171-175
    4. P. Chevalier, R. Sevilla, L. Zalles, G. Belmonte, E. Sejas
      Pages 177-180
    5. F.-Z. Squali Houssaïni, J. Arnaud, M.-J. Richard, J.-C. Renversez, B.-D. Rossi Hassani, A. Favier
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      Pages 203-205
    11. C. Russo, O. Olivieri, D. Girelli, M. Azzini, P. Guarini, A. M. Stanzial et al.
      Pages 207-211
  6. Pharmacological Applications of Trace Elements

    1. Ph. Bauer, F. Belleville-Nabet, E. Vauthier, C. Colin, F. Dubois, J. C. Guédenet et al.
      Pages 229-232
    2. H. Jaumain, M. Bret, M. Accominotti, C. Ardiet, E. Chatelut, J. Moskovtchenko
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    4. J. P. Souchard, P. L. Fabre, J. P. Patau, M. Massol, P. Castan, F. Nepveu
      Pages 247-252
    5. I. C. Fuentealba, B. Horney, J. Daley, A. Tasony-Ferraro
      Pages 259-264
    6. J. E. Mullins, R. A. Fredrickson, I. C. Fuentealba, R. J. F. Markham
      Pages 265-270
  7. Trace Elements, Teeth, Bone Physiology, and Bone Diseases

    1. Anne Peretz
      Pages 271-276
    2. Georges Boivin, Pierre J. Meunier
      Pages 283-295

About this book


Organized by the French Speaking Society for Study and Research on Essential Trace Elements (SFERETE), the Fifth International Congress on Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology "Therapeutic Uses of Trace Elements" was held February 4-7. 1996, in Meribel (Savoy, France). This resort is situated in the heart of the Three Valleys domain, at the gate­ way of the beautiful Vanoise National Park. More than 250 participants covering six conti­ nents attended the meeting. This volume contains the text of plenary lectures and of several oral and poster communications. Trace element deficiencies are not only encountered in developing countries or during malnutrition. Subclinical features are also observed in developed societies where they consti­ tute a background for an impressive number of pathological states. Preventive and curative treatments with commercial products are often prescribed without reliable studies about their clinical interest or potential efficiency. By contrast empirical approaches such as the catalytic therapy, nutritional and pharmacological aspects of trace elements were emphasized on a sci­ entific basis to favor their rational therapeutic use.


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