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An Integrated Data Security Standard Guide


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About this book


Gain a broad understanding of how PCI DSS is structured and obtain a high-level view of the contents and context of each of the 12 top-level requirements. The guidance provided in this book will help you effectively apply PCI DSS in your business environments, enhance your payment card defensive posture, and reduce the opportunities for criminals to compromise your network or steal sensitive data assets. 

Businesses are seeing an increased volume of data breaches, where an opportunist attacker from outside the business or a disaffected employee successfully exploits poor company practices. Rather than being a regurgitation of the PCI DSS controls, this book aims to help you balance the needs of running your business with the value of implementing PCI DSS for the protection of consumer payment card data.

Applying lessons learned from history, military experiences (including multiple deployments into hostile areas), numerous PCI QSA assignments, and corporate cybersecurity and InfoSec roles, author Jim Seaman helps you understand the complexities of the payment card industry data security standard as you protect cardholder data. You will learn how to align the standard with your business IT systems or operations that store, process, and/or transmit sensitive data. This book will help you develop a business cybersecurity and InfoSec strategy through the correct interpretation, implementation, and maintenance of PCI DSS.

You will:

  • Be aware of recent data privacy regulatory changes and the release of PCI DSS v4.0
  • Improve the defense of consumer payment card data to safeguard the reputation of your business and make it more difficult for criminals to breach security
  • Be familiar with the goals and requirements related to the structure and interdependencies of PCI DSS
  • Know the potential avenues of attack associated with business payment operations
  • Make PCI DSS an integral component of your business operations
  • Understand the benefits of enhancing your security culture
  • See how the implementation of PCI DSS causes a positive ripple effect across your business


PCI DSS PCI DSS Compliance Cyber Attack Cyber Defense Cybersecurity Data Breach Information Security Data Protection Insider Threat Network Security Secure Configuration Threat Intelligence Access Control Vulnerability Management

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James (Jim) Seaman has been dedicated to the pursuit of security for his entire adult life. He served 22 years in the RAF Police, covering a number of specialist areas including physical security, aviation security, information security management, IT security management, cybersecurity management, security investigations, intelligence operations, and incident response and disaster recovery. He has successfully transitioned his skills to the corporate environment and now works in areas such as financial services, banking, retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, and marketing. He helps businesses enhance their cybersecurity and InfoSec defensive measures and work with various industry security standards.

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