Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming

Build Consoles and Arcade Cabinets to Play Your Favorite Classic Games

  • Mark Frauenfelder
  • Ryan Bates

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    Pages 355-362

About this book


Learn to configure a Raspberry Pi into multiple different devices capable of playing retro games. Beyond theory, this book focuses heavily on projects-such as making a console to attach to a TV or computer display and making a tabletop arcade machine. It also teaches you how to install and use the Kodi media center on your retro game player.

Start with the big-picture of the Raspberry Pi retro-gaming landscape and the wide range of exciting project opportunities that exist. You'll then discover the various retro-gaming emulation platforms, such as RetroPie and Recalbox, and how to work with ROM files. This book even goes a step further and teaches you how to create game ROMs from your old cartridges! You'll also study the types of game playing equipment people have made using Raspberry Pis and how to set up a Raspberry Pi with those devices.

Retro-gaming enthusiasts are using the Pi to make a dizzying variety of game playing hardware. There are players that fit in an Altoids mint tin, players that look like classic systems, and players that let you choose from over 20,000 game titles. And there are emulators for every platform imaginable, and many models available online to download and make on a 3D printer or laser cutter. Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming includes everything you need to know about playing retro games on a Raspberry Pi and making cool machines that play thousands of retrogames.


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