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Learn Kotlin for Android Development

The Next Generation Language for Modern Android Apps Programming


  • A comprehensive, modern introduction to Android app programming using only Kotlin

  • Addresses a language with a growing attention in the developer community

  • Treats Kotlin as a genuine programming language


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Peter Späth
    Pages 69-112
  3. Peter Späth
    Pages 113-135
  4. Peter Späth
    Pages 137-153
  5. Peter Späth
    Pages 155-169
  6. Peter Späth
    Pages 171-183
  7. Peter Späth
    Pages 185-191
  8. Peter Späth
    Pages 193-246
  9. Peter Späth
    Pages 247-252
  10. Peter Späth
    Pages 253-258
  11. Peter Späth
    Pages 259-273
  12. Peter Späth
    Pages 275-287
  13. Peter Späth
    Pages 289-304
  14. Peter Späth
    Pages 305-307
  15. Peter Späth
    Pages 309-345
  16. Peter Späth
    Pages 347-391
  17. Peter Späth
    Pages 393-436
  18. Peter Späth
    Pages 437-445

About this book


Build Android apps and learn the essentials of the popular Kotlin programming language and APIs. This book will teach you the key Kotlin skills and techniques important for creating your very own Android apps. Apart from introducing Kotlin programming, Learn Kotlin for Android Development stresses clean code principles and introduces object-oriented and functional programming as a starting point for developing Android apps. 

After reading and using this book, you'll have a foundation to take away and apply to your own Kotlin-based Android app development. You'll be able to write useful and efficient Kotlin-based apps for Android, using most of the features Kotlin as a language has to offer. 

You will:
  • Build your first Kotlin app that runs on Android
  • Work with Kotlin classes and objects for Android
  • Use constructs, loops, decisions, and scopes 
  • Carry out operations on data 
  • Master data containers, arrays, and collections
  • Handle exceptions and access external libraries


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About the authors

Peter Späth consults, trains/teaches and writes books on various subjects, with a primary focus on software development. With a wealth of experience in Java-related languages, the release of Kotlin for building Android Apps made him enthusiastic about writing books for Kotlin development in the Android environment. He also graduated in 2002 as a physicist and soon afterward became an IT consultant, mainly for Java related projects.

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