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Arduino Applied

Comprehensive Projects for Everyday Electronics

  • Build complex, simple, and enhanced projects with the Arduino

  • Use each chapter as stand-alone projects, or delve deeper into each section to utilize information throughout the book to build more complex projects

  • Learn how to code the Arduino with C


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Neil Cameron
    Pages 1-15
  3. Neil Cameron
    Pages 17-29
  4. Neil Cameron
    Pages 31-78
  5. Neil Cameron
    Pages 79-100
  6. Neil Cameron
    Pages 101-118
  7. Neil Cameron
    Pages 119-136
  8. Neil Cameron
    Pages 137-156
  9. Neil Cameron
    Pages 157-176
  10. Neil Cameron
    Pages 177-187
  11. Neil Cameron
    Pages 189-201
  12. Neil Cameron
    Pages 203-217
  13. Neil Cameron
    Pages 219-236
  14. Neil Cameron
    Pages 237-259
  15. Neil Cameron
    Pages 261-275
  16. Neil Cameron
    Pages 277-288
  17. Neil Cameron
    Pages 289-310
  18. Neil Cameron
    Pages 311-323
  19. Neil Cameron
    Pages 325-337
  20. Neil Cameron
    Pages 339-370

About this book


Extend the range of your Arduino skills, incorporate the new developments in both hardware and software, and understand how the electronic applications function in everyday life. This project-based book extends the Arduino Uno starter kits and increases knowledge of microcontrollers in electronic applications. 

Learn how to build complex Arduino projects, break them down into smaller ones, and then enhance them, thereby broadening your understanding of each topic.You'll use the Arduino Uno in a range of applications such as a blinking LED, route mapping with a mobile GPS system, and uploading information to the internet.

You'll also apply the Arduino Uno to sensors, information displays and collections, Bluetooth and wireless communications, digital image captures, route tracking with GPS, controlling motors, color and sound, building robots, and internet access. With Arduino Applied, prior knowledge of electronics is not required, as each topic is described and illustrated with examples using the Arduino Uno.


Robotics Sensors Electronics Bluetooth Detectors Computer programming GPS Wifi Information Display Microcontroller Data Logging

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About the authors

Neil Cameron was a research scientist in quantitative genetics at Roslin Institute (of "Dolly" the sheep fame) with expertise in data analysis and computer programming. Neil has previously taught at University of Edinburgh and Cornell University. Neil has a deep interest in electronics and "how things work" with a focus on programming an Arduino and its application to a range of comprehensive projects for everyday electronics which has inspired Neil to write this book.

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