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Reactive with ClojureScript Recipes

Functional Programming for the Web

  • The only book to cover Reagent, a minimalistic interface between ClojureScript and React

  • A fast-paced recipes book about how to write interactive applications for web browsers and smart phones

  • Many recipes will be presenting a Facebook React Wrapper that makes React easy to grasp and use


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxi
  2. Nicolas Modrzyk
    Pages 1-47
  3. Nicolas Modrzyk
    Pages 49-118
  4. Nicolas Modrzyk
    Pages 119-197
  5. Nicolas Modrzyk
    Pages 199-301
  6. Nicolas Modrzyk
    Pages 303-359
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 361-366

About this book


Use ClojureScript to create powerful serverless Web applications that are responsive and engaging. This book presents Reactive recipes with Reagent, a ClojureScript reactive framework, to create interactive applications. 

Throughout the book, Reactive with ClojureScript  Recipes uses progressively more complex examples and introduces you to a set of powerful tools that target rapid web application development. In the last chapter, you'll use these concepts for an HTML5-based deployment to smart phones.

ClojureScript is your functional programming language for the web. ClojureScript looks like a LISP, and compiles to JavaScript, and thus runs nicely run in the browser.


Clojurescript reactive programming reactive Facebook React reagent Boot

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About the authors

Nicolas has over 12 years of IT experience in the United States and Asia and is currently CTO of an international consulting company in Tokyo, Japan. An author of two other published books, Nicolas began working with Clojure five years ago and loves helping customers reach their goals in many languages

When not bringing new ideas to customers, he spends time with his two fantastic daughters Mei and Manon, and playing live music internationally.  

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