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Perl 6 Fundamentals

A Primer with Examples, Projects, and Case Studies


Table of contents

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    Pages 95-112
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    Pages 113-118
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    Pages 135-137
  12. Back Matter
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About this book


Gain the skills to begin developing Perl 6 applications from the ground up in this hands-on compact book. You’ll learn enough to get started building with Perl 6, using Perl 6’s gradual typing, handy object orientation features, powerful parsing capabilities, and human-usable concurrency. After a short introduction, each chapter develops a small example project, explaining the Perl 6 features used. When the example is done, you’ll explore another aspect, such as optimizing further for readability or testing the code. 

Along the way you’ll see Perl 6 basics, such as variables and scoping; subroutines; classes and objects; regexes; and code testing. When you’ve mastered the basics,Perl 6 Fundamentals moves onto more advanced topics to give you a deeper understanding of the language. You’ll learn, amongst other things, how to work with persistent storage, how to generate good error messages, and how to write tricky applications such as a file and directory usage graph and a Unicode search tool.

You will:
  • Get coding with Perl 6
  • Work on several hands-on examples and projects
  • Integrate Python libraries into your Perl 6 programs
  • Parse INI files using regexes and grammars
  • Build a date time converter 
  • Carry out refactoring and other automated tests


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About the authors

Moritz Lenz is a Perl 6 core developer. He has contributed significantly to the official test suite, the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler, and is the initiator of the official Perl 6 documentation project. He has also authored several modules, and runs infrastructure for the Perl 6 community. In his day job, he develops Perl 5 and Python code, and maintains a Continuous Delivery system for his employer.

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