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Practical GameMaker: Studio

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About this book


Gain the skills required to create fun and compelling games using GameMaker: Studio, and its GML programming language. In this full-color book you’ll learn 24 practical programming elements that are important when creating any game. Each section includes an introduction to a new programming element, some examples, a worksheet, and mini projects to allow you to test your new knowledge. After completing all elements, you will put into action what you have learned in a classic arcade style game.

In Practical GameMaker: Studio, you will create a fully featured game, with guidance and in color, using version 1.4. After each section you’ll see how you’ll apply what you’ve learned to the final game, and discover additional projects to try. These mini projects include a separate scoring guide, and a working example for each, which is useful if you’re using this book in an educational environment. Similarly, the book also contains a number of assignments, which you may include as part of any associated coursework in your classes.

What You Will Learn
  • Use GameMaker: Studio and GameMaker Language (GML) to create games
  • Work with GML variables, conditionals, drawing, keyport I/O, objects, and events
  • Create GML sprites, health/lives, alarms, collisions, and rooms
  • Improve your game with GML backgrounds, sound and music, splash screens and menus, and effects<
  • Include GML random and AI movements in your game
  • Use GML loops, arrays, ds_lists, paths, and scripts
Who This Book Is For

Experienced game developers new to GameMaker or for those with at least some prior exposure or experience with GameMaker: Studio but who are new to GML.


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About the authors

Ben Tyers is an expert GameMaker: Studio user, developer, coder, expert and IT trainer.  He has authored a number of small books on GameMaker for game application developers and runs a popular GameMaker resources web site.

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