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Female Innovators at Work

Women on Top of Tech


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About this book


This book describes the experiences and successes of female innovators and entrepreneurs in the still largely male-dominated tech-world in twenty candid interviews. It highlights the varied life and career stories that lead these women to the top positions in the technology industry that they are in now.

Interviewees include CEOs, founders, and inventors from a wide spectrum of tech organizations across sectors as varied as mobile technology, e-commerce, online education, and video games. Interviewer Danielle Newnham, a mobile startup and e-commerce entrepreneur herself  as well as an online community organizer, presents the insights, instructive anecdotes, and advice shared with her in the interviews, including stories about raising capital for one’s start-up, and about the obstacles these women encountered and how they overcame them.

This timely book will be of great interest to anyone working in tech or looking to get into the industry, and more in general: to everyone wanting to learn how they can contribute to leveling the field of occupational opportunity and to strengthening teams and companies through merit and diversity. 


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About the authors

Danielle Newnham is the founder of The Junto Network, an online network for tech entrepreneurs, featuring interviews with inspirational tech founders and innovators. She is the cofounder of Tease and Totes, an online store for women and children. She was on the founding team of ubinow, a mobile apps agency in London. Newnham was named one of the Top 10 Tech Writers of 2015 by LinkedIn. She is the author of Mad Men of Mobile (CreateSpace, 2013), a collection of interviews with mobile pioneers and entrepreneurs.

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