Oracle Solaris and Veritas Cluster

An Easy-build Guide

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  • Vijay Shankar Upreti

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    Pages 243-265
  8. Vijay Shankar Upreti
    Pages 267-276
  9. Vijay Shankar Upreti
    Pages 277-284
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 285-288

About this book


Learn the fundamental concepts of OS clustering, Oracle Solaris clustering high-level design, Oracle Solaris clustering implementation using VirtualBox, and Veritas clustering implementation using VirtualBox. Oracle Solaris and Veritas Cluster: An Easy-build Guide shows you how to implement a cluster on your desktop or laptop devices using virtualized network, host, and storage configuration. This book explains both the architecture design and technical implementation for building Solaris Oracle- or Veritas-based clustered environments.

This book provides snapshot-based steps to set up Solaris virtual hosts under VirtualBox and implement Veritas clustering across two virtual hosts that can be implemented on a desktop or laptop. This book will help you understand what it's like setting up a clustered environment, in simple steps that can be followed by users having little knowledge of clustering.

What You Will Learn:

  • Practice cluster implementation on your local PC or laptop
  • Implement both Oracle/Solaris and Veritas clusters under Oracle Solaris 10 OS
  • Master cluster fundamentals, concepts, and design
  • Create virtualized environments under VirtualBox
  • Learn the prerequisites and configuration for host builds, networking, and storage setup using VirtualBox for Solaris Oracle and Veritas
 Who This Book Is For:

IT support engineers, education institutions and students.


Oracle Solaris Veritas Veritas Cluster Oracle/Solaris Cluster Operating System Cluster Framework Virtual Box Virtualisation Sun Clusters NFS Cluster Veritas Cluster Apache and NFS Cluster

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