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C++ 14 Quick Syntax Reference

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  • This is a pure code intensive book that should perform very well on SpringerLink, Safari, etc. C++ was a top meme in both books as a database engines

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  • C++ is one of the top used programming languages in general and has enjoyed a resurgence of late given Arduino, game development, Android NDK, and much more


Table of contents

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    Pages i-xvii
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    Pages 1-3
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    Pages 5-6
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    Pages 7-13
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    Pages 15-18
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    Pages 19-21
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    Pages 23-24
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    Pages 25-27
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    Pages 29-32
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    Pages 33-34
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    Pages 35-36
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    Pages 37-46
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    Pages 47-49
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    Pages 51-57
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    Pages 59-61
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    Pages 63-65
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    Pages 67-70
  18. Mikael Olsson
    Pages 71-72
  19. Mikael Olsson
    Pages 73-75
  20. Mikael Olsson
    Pages 77-79

About this book


This updated handy quick C++ 14 guide is a condensed code and syntax reference based on the newly updated C++ 14 release of the popular programming language. It presents the essential C++ syntax in a well-organized format that can be used as a handy reference.

What You'll Learn:
  • How to create a C++ HelloWorld
  • How to Compile and Run
  • What are C++ Variables, Operators, Pointers and References
  • What are Arrays, Strings, Conditionals, Loops and more
  • How to do Functions
  • How to work with Constructors, Inheritance, Overridings
  • How to use Access Levels, Static, Enum, String and Union, and more
  • What are Custom Conversions, Namespaces, Constants, and Preprocessor
  • How to do Event Handling
  • What are Type Conversions, Templates, Headers, and more


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About the authors

Mikael Olsson is a professional web entrepreneur, programmer, and author. He works for an R&D company in Finland where he specializes in software development. In his spare time he writes books and creates websites that summarize various fields of interest. The books he writes are focused on teaching their subject in the most efficient way possible, by explaining only what is relevant and practical without any unnecessary repetition or theory. The portal to his online businesses and other websites is Siforia-dot-com.

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