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Digital Audio Editing Fundamentals


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About this book


This book is a new media mini-book covering concepts central to digital audio editing using the Audacity 2.1.1 open source software package which also apply to all of the professional audio editing packages. The book builds upon the foundational concepts of MIDI, synthesis (artificially created digital audio), and sampled waveforms (analog audio turned into digital audio). The book gets more advanced as chapters progress, and covers key concepts for new media producers such as how to maximize audio quality and which digital audio new media formats are best for use with Kindle, Android Studio, Java, JavaFX, iOS, Blackberry, Tizen, Firefox OS, Chrome OS, Opera OS, Ubuntu Touch and HTML5. The book also covers key factors regarding the data footprint optimization work process, streaming versus captive digital audio new media assets, digital audio programming and publishing platforms, and why data footprint optimization is important for modern day new media content development and distribution.

  • Industry terminology involved in digital audio editing, synthesis, sampling, analysis and processing
  • The work process which comprises a fundamental digital audio editing, analysis, and effects pipeline
  • The foundational audio waveform sampling concepts that are behind modern digital audio publishing
  • How to install, and utilize, the professional, open source Audacity 2.1 digital audio editing software
  • Concepts behind digital audio sample resolution and sampling frequency and how to select settings
  • How to select the best digital audio data codec and format for your digital audio content application
  • How to go about data footprint optimization, to ascertain which audio formats give the best results
  • Using Digital Audio Assets in Computer Programming Languages and Content Publishing Platforms


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Wallace Jackson, Apress Author of a dozen new media content and programming titles.  He specializes in integrating and optimizing media as well as Android and Java programming/development.

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“Hands-on tutorials to popular free software are fairly common. What distinguishes this short (142 page) book is its coherent and concise explanation of foundational concepts. … The index is decent. For the newbie, this brief introduction will be useful.” (David Bellin, Computing Reviews, April, 2016)