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Next Generation Databases

NoSQL, NewSQL, and Big Data

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  • Next Generation Databases helps you understand and choose from amongst an increasingly diverse array of database technologies finding use in a world driven by analytics and Big Data.


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About this book


"It’s not easy to find such a generous book on big data and databases. Fortunately, this book is the one." Feng Yu. Computing Reviews. June 28, 2016.

This is a book for enterprise architects, database administrators, and developers who need to understand the latest developments in database technologies. It is the book to help you choose the correct database technology at a time when concepts such as Big Data, NoSQL and NewSQL are making what used to be an easy choice into a complex decision with significant implications.

The relational database (RDBMS) model completely dominated database technology for over 20 years. Today this "one size fits all" stability has been disrupted by a relatively recent explosion of new database technologies. These paradigm-busting technologies are powering the "Big Data" and "NoSQL" revolutions, as well as forcing fundamental changes in databases across the board.

Deciding to use a relational database was once truly a no-brainer, and the various commercial relational databases competed on price, performance, reliability, and ease of use rather than on fundamental architectures. Today we are faced with choices between radically different database technologies. Choosing the right database today is a complex undertaking, with serious economic and technological consequences.

Next Generation Databases demystifies today’s new database technologies. The book describes what each technology was designed to solve. It shows how each technology can be used to solve real word application and business problems. Most importantly, this book highlights the architectural differences between technologies that are the critical factors to consider when choosing a database platform for new and upcoming projects.

  • Introduces the new technologies that have revolutionized the database landscape
  • Describes how each technology can be used to solve specific application or business challenges
  • Reviews the most popular new wave databases and how they use these new database technologies


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About the authors

Guy Harrison has worked with database technologies for more than 30 years.  He is the Executive Director of Database tools R&D for the Dell Software Group and has is the author of five books on database development and optimization.  He has written a monthly column for Database Trends and Applications for more than 10 years on Big Data, NoSQL, and Application development. Guy lives in Melbourne, Australia and has no leisure skills.  

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“The author has a deep background in modern databases from both industry and academic aspects. Many fundamental research papers in related fields are used in this book. … In general, a book this good is not often seen. It will greatly benefit people from both industry and academia who study next-generation databases in this modern, big data era.” (Feng Yu, Computing Reviews,, June, 2016)