Critical Issues in Systems Theory and Practice

  • Keith Ellis
  • Amanda Gregory
  • Bridget R. Mears-Young
  • Gillian Ragsdell

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Plenary Papers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages xvii-xvii
    2. Peter Checkland
      Pages 1-14
    3. Robert L. Flood
      Pages 15-24
    4. Ramsés Fuenmayor
      Pages 25-33
    5. Brian P. Hall
      Pages 35-44
    6. Enrique G. Herrscher
      Pages 45-49
    7. F. R. Janes
      Pages 51-60
  3. Student Papers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages N1-N1
    2. Catherine Gaskell
      Pages 125-129
    3. H. A. Higgo
      Pages 137-142
    4. M. E. James
      Pages 143-148
    5. Clemencia Morales Montejo
      Pages 159-164
    6. Gillian Ragsdell
      Pages 165-171
    7. Jennifer Wilby
      Pages 193-199
  4. Systems Methodology and Practice

    1. Front Matter
      Pages N3-N3
    2. Sam Agyeman
      Pages 201-206
    3. A. Barnden, R. Smith, R. B. Watson
      Pages 207-213
    4. J. C. Boarder
      Pages 215-220
    5. J. C. Boarder, J. Laming
      Pages 221-226
    6. Bill Cameron
      Pages 227-232
    7. Elizabeth Garnsey
      Pages 239-244
    8. Elizabeth W. Garnsey, Séamas B. Kelly
      Pages 245-250
    9. M. G. Haynes
      Pages 251-257
    10. Jon-Arild Johannessen
      Pages 259-264
    11. F. Parra-Luna
      Pages 269-275
    12. Heather Watson, Trevor Wood-Harper
      Pages 287-290
  5. Information Systems Theory and Practice

    1. Front Matter
      Pages N5-N5
    2. M. S. Davenport, J. Ayers-Hunt
      Pages 291-295
    3. Kevin G. Doyle
      Pages 297-302
    4. Jun-Kang Feng
      Pages 303-307
    5. M. J. S. Harry
      Pages 309-313

About this book


The systems movement, now 40 years old, is made up of many associations of systems thinkers from different disciplines all over the world. The United Kingdom Systems Society (UKSS) was formed in 1978. Today it has over 300 members and is committed to the development and promotion of "systems" philosophy, theory, concepts and methodolo­ gies for improving decision making for the benefit of organizations and wider society. The first UKSS International Conference was held at the University of Hull in July ofHuddersfield 1989. Since then we have held International Conferences at the Universities (1991) and Paisley (1993). The UKSS International Conferences are now an established biannual event and this, our fourth international conference, will be jointly hosted by the Universities of Hull and Humberside. Systems science is considered to be a trans-discipline which promotes critical and effective intervention in complex organisational and social problem situations. As such it traverses "hard", through "soft" to "critical" systems thinking and methodologies. Yet, despite the currently robust state of the UKSS the systems movement cannot be described as an international movement: different subdisciplines are at different stages of development and are often engaged in pursuing their own particular interests and themes with little "conversation" between the subdisciplines despite their common interest in systems.


Analysis information management information system learning management modeling organization

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