Coherence and Quantum Optics VII

Proceedings of the Seventh Rochester Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics, held at the University of Rochester, June 7–10, 1995

  • Joseph H. Eberly
  • Leonard Mandel
  • Emil Wolf
Conference proceedings

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Rajarshi Roy
    Pages 3-3
  3. L. A. Lugiato, S. Barnett, A. Gatti, I. Marzoli, G. L. Oppo, H. Wiedemann
    Pages 5-14
  4. T. Pellizzari, S. A. Gardiner, J. I. Cirac, P. Zoller
    Pages 35-44
  5. E. Dupont, P. B. Corkum, H. C. Liu
    Pages 47-49
  6. M. Munroe, D. Boggavarapu, M. E. Anderson, U. Leonhardt, M. G. Raymer
    Pages 53-61
  7. Ian. A. Walmsley, Thomas J. Dunn, John N. Sweetser
    Pages 73-82
  8. S. Haroche, J. M. Raimond
    Pages 83-92
  9. H. Walther
    Pages 93-102
  10. Richard J. Hughes, G. G. Luther, G. L. Morgan, C. Simmons
    Pages 103-111
  11. Adriano Barenco, Artur Ekert, G. Massimo Palma, Kalle-Antti Suominen
    Pages 113-122
  12. T. Pfau, Ch. Kurtsiefer, C. R. Ekstrom, J. Mlynek
    Pages 123-132
  13. David E. Pritchard, Michael S. Chapman, Troy D. Hammond, Alan Lenef, Richard A. Rubenstein, Jörg Schmiedmayer et al.
    Pages 133-141
  14. Marc-Thierry Jaekel, Serge Reynaud
    Pages 153-158
  15. V. N. Konopsky, A. V. Masalov, A. A. Putilin, M. V. Vasilyev
    Pages 167-175
  16. Klaus Mølmer, Yvan Castin
    Pages 193-202
  17. H. J. Kimble, Q. A. Turchette, N. Ph. Georgiades, C. J. Hood, W. Lange, H. Mabuchi et al.
    Pages 203-210
  18. Y. Yamamoto, J. Jacobson, S. Pau, H. Cao, G. Björk
    Pages 211-220
  19. J. P. Woerdman, S. J. M. Kuppens, M. A. van Eijkelenborg, M. P. van Exter, C. A. Schrama
    Pages 221-228
  20. A. E. Siegman
    Pages 229-238
  21. M. Heni, M. Freyberger, W. P. Schleich
    Pages 239-249
  22. Emil Wolf
    Pages 259-268
  23. Charles M. Bowden, Aaron. S. Manka, Jonathan P. Dowling, Michael Fleischhauer
    Pages 271-280
  24. Dmitri E. Nikonov, Marlan O. Scully, Edward S. Fry, Leo W. Hollberg, Mikhail D. Lukin, G. G. Padmbandu et al.
    Pages 281-285
  25. K. Bergmann, J. Martin, B. W. Shore
    Pages 287-294
  26. S. E. Harris, G. Y. Yin, A. Kasapi, M. Jain, Z. F. Luo
    Pages 295-304
  27. Anton Zeilinger, Thomas Herzog, Michael A. Horne, Paul G. Kwiat, Klaus Mattle, Harald Weinfurter
    Pages 305-312
  28. Iwo Bialynicki-Birula
    Pages 313-322
  29. P. D. Drummond
    Pages 323-332
  30. K. An, R. R. Dasari, M. S. Feld
    Pages 333-334
  31. Pál Bogár, János A. Bergou, Mark Hillery
    Pages 335-336
  32. T. B. L. Kist, A. Z. Khoury, L. Davidovich
    Pages 337-338
  33. R. K. Bullough, A. Joshi, A. Kremid, N. Nayak, B. V. Thompson
    Pages 339-340
  34. Amitabh Joshi, S. V. Lawande
    Pages 343-344
  35. W. Lange, Q. A. Turchette, C. Hood, H. Mabuchi, H. J. Kimble
    Pages 345-346
  36. C. K. Law, R. R. Puri, J. H. Eberly
    Pages 347-348
  37. J. Gripp, N. Leulliot, S. L. Mielke, L. A. Orozco
    Pages 351-352

About these proceedings


The Seventh Rochester Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics was held on the campus of the University of Rochester during the four-day period June 7 - 10, 1996. More than 280 scientists from 33 countries participated. This book contains the Proceedings of the meeting. This Conference differed from the previous six in the series in having only a limited number of oral presentations, in order to avoid too many parallel sessions. Another new feature was the introduction of tutorial lectures. Most contributed papers were presented in poster sessions. The Conference was sponsored by the American Physical Society, by the Optical Society of America, by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics and by the University of Rochester. We wish to express our appreciation to these organizations for their support and we especially extend our thanks to the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics for providing financial assistance to a number of speakers from Third World countries, to enable them to take part in the meeting.


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