Advances in Nuclear Dynamics 2

  • Wolfgang Bauer
  • Gary D. Westfall

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. W. J. Llope
    Pages 19-28
  3. Martin Trzaska
    Pages 29-34
  4. R. T. de Souza, E. Cornell
    Pages 35-40
  5. J. Tõke, B. Djerroud, W. Skulski, W. U. Schröder, D. K. Agnihotri, S. P. Baldwin et al.
    Pages 49-56
  6. V. E. Viola, D. S. Bracken, E. Renshaw Foxford, D. Ginger, R. G. Korteling, K. Kwiatkowski et al.
    Pages 57-63
  7. Dieter Kiderlen, Pawel Danielewicz
    Pages 65-72
  8. Philippe Chomaz, Maria Colonna, Alfio Guarnera
    Pages 73-83
  9. R. J. Porter, S. Beedoe, M. Bougteb, R. Bossingham, J. Carroll, T. Hallman et al.
    Pages 91-96
  10. Frank C. Daffin, Kevin Haglin, Wolfgang Bauer
    Pages 107-112
  11. N. T. B. Stone, G. D. Westfall, E. E. Gualtieri, S. A. Hannuschke, R. Lacey, J. Lauret et al.
    Pages 113-118
  12. Akira Ono, Hisashi Horiuchi
    Pages 119-128
  13. Thorsten Rubehn, Kexing Jing, Luciano G. Moretto, Larry Phair, Kin Tso, Gordon J. Wozniak
    Pages 129-136
  14. L. Phair, L. G. Moretto, G. J. Wozniak, R. T. de Souza, D. R. Bowman, N. Carlin et al.
    Pages 137-144
  15. E. C. Pollacco, J. Brzychczyk, C. Volant, R. Legrain, L. Nalpas, D. S. Bracken et al.
    Pages 145-150
  16. M. J. Huang, R. C. Lemmon, F. Daffin, W. G. Lynch
    Pages 151-157
  17. M. Baldo, J. Dukelsky, F. Gulminelli, U. Lombardo, P. Schuck
    Pages 159-166
  18. Gerd Kortemeyer, Frank Daffin, Wolfgang Bauer
    Pages 167-172
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    Pages 187-192
  22. Edward Shuryak
    Pages 215-224
  23. R. R. Betts
    Pages 225-232
  24. Jay N. Marx
    Pages 233-237
  25. D. Beavis
    Pages 239-244
  26. Alex C. Mueller
    Pages 245-250
  27. Rajeev K. Puri, P. B. Gossiaux, Ch. Hartnack, J. Aichelin
    Pages 251-259
  28. Andrew S. Hirsch, S. Albergo, F. Bieser, F. P. Brady, Z. Caccia, D. A. Cebra et al.
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    Pages 299-306
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    Pages 307-316
  35. James J. Griffin
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    Pages 341-349
  39. L. Beaulieu, D. R. Bowman, D. Fox, S. Das Gupta, J. Pan, G. C. Ball et al.
    Pages 351-358

About this book


The 12th Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics carried on the tradition, started in 1978, of bringing together scientists working in all regimes of nuclear dynamics. This broad range of related topics allows the researcher attending the Workshop to be exposed to work that normally would be considered outside his/her field, but could po­ tentially add a new dimension to the understanding of his/her work. At Snowbird, we brought together experimentalists working with heavy ion beams from 10 MeV/nucleon up to 200 GeV /nucleon and theoretical physicists working in diverse areas ranging from antisymmetrized fermionic dynamics to perturbative quantum chromo dynamics. Fu­ ture work at RHIC was discussed also, with presentations from several of the experimen­ tal groups. In addition, several talks addressed issues of cross-disciplinary relevance, from the study of water-drop-collisions, to the multi-fragmentation of buckyballs. Clearly the field of nuclear dynamics has a bright future. The understanding of the nuclear equation of state in all of its manifestations is being expanded on all fronts both theoretically and experimentally. Future Workshops on Nuclear Dynamics will certainly have much progress to report. Gary D. Westfall Wolfgang Bauer Michigan State Universzty v PREVIOUS WORKSHOPS The following table contains a list of the dates and locations of the previous Winter Workshops on Nuclear Dynamics as well as the members of the organizing committees. The chairpersons of the conferences are underlined.


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