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Transportation Systems Engineering: Theory and Methods


Part of the Applied Optimization book series (APOP, volume 49)

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Science is made offactsjust as a house is made of bricks, but a collection offacts is no more science than a pile of bricks is a house. Henry Poincare The aim of the disciplines of praxis is not theoretical knowledge .... It is to change the forms of action ... .. .. Aristotle Transportation systems engineering is a broad discipline aimed at the functional design of physical and/or organizational projects relating to transportation supply systems. These projects defme the functional characteristics and performances of system elements (services, prices, infrastructures, vehicles, control, etc.) that, taken as a whole, provide transportation opportunities to satisfy the travel demand of persons and goods in a given area. The basic approach of transportation system engineering is to defme the main characteristics of transportation services starting with the analysis and simulation of the demand for such services. Physical elements of the system are designed and/or identified among those available to provide the characteristics and performances required by the transportation services.


algorithms complexity economics modeling regional science traffic transportation transportation systems utility theory

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  1. 1.Dipartimento di Ingegneria dei Trasporti “Luigi Tocchetti”Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”NapoliItaly

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Ennio Cascetta, born in Naples in 1953, is a full professor of Transportation System Theory at the University of Naples `Federico II'. He has been responsible for several research projects at national and international level including, recently, directorship of the Second Special Project on Transportation by the Italian National Research Council (CNR). His experience as a teacher and researcher includes appointments at several universities, such as MIT and the University of Montreal. In addition to his academic and research work, Dr. Cascetta currently acts as Associate Editor of the international journal, Transportation Science, and holds positions in many international scientific and professional organizations such as Transportation Research C, WCTR, TRB and ATBR. Dr. Cascetta's areas of expertise are analysis, modeling and estimation of transportation demand, static and dynamic assignment models, planning and pricing of transportation networks, traffic theory, and analysis and control of urban traffic congestion. He has published over one hundred papers on his research in national and international journals and proceedings. Dr. Cascetta's activities outside academia also include a current appointment as transportation secretary of Campania Region and extensive consulting work related to the planning and management of national, regional, and urban transportation systems.

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