The Kidney and Hypertension in Diabetes Mellitus

  • Carl Erik Mogensen

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. David J. Pettitt, William C. Knowler
    Pages 27-35
  3. William C. Knowler, Robert G. Nelson, David J. Pettitt
    Pages 53-62
  4. Diane L. Manninen, Erik J. Dasbach, Frederick B. Dong, Ronald E. Aubert, Steven M. Teutsch, William H. Herman
    Pages 63-73
  5. Per Løgstrup Poulsen
    Pages 95-102
  6. Søren Nielsen, Anita Schmitz
    Pages 111-121
  7. Peter T. Sawicki
    Pages 133-140
  8. Priscilla Kincaid-Smith, Judith A. Whitworth
    Pages 151-160
  9. Hans-Jacob Bangstad, Ruth Østerby
    Pages 161-170
  10. Erwin D. Schleicher
    Pages 191-202
  11. James A. O’Hare, J. Barry Ferriss
    Pages 213-221
  12. Jiten P. Vora, Sharon Anderson, Barry M. Brenner
    Pages 223-232
  13. Allan Flyvbjerg, Birgitte Nielsen, Christian Skjærbæk, Jan Frystyk, Henning Grønbæk, Hans ørskov
    Pages 233-243
  14. Rijk O. B. Gans, A. B. J. M. Donker
    Pages 261-271
  15. Henrik Bindesbøl Mortensen
    Pages 285-295
  16. Michel Marre, Gilles Berrut, Béatrice Bouhanick
    Pages 309-318
  17. Staffan Björck
    Pages 333-339
  18. Ping H. Wang, Joseph Lau, Thomas C. Chalmers
    Pages 361-368
  19. Carl Erik Mogensen, Joachim G. Klebe
    Pages 381-388
  20. C. Andrew Combs, John L. Kitzmiller
    Pages 389-400
  21. Ana Grenfell
    Pages 407-419
  22. Indra D. Daniels, Eli A. Friedman
    Pages 421-432
  23. Garabed Eknoyan
    Pages 433-441
  24. Eberhard Ritz, Antony Raine, Daniel Cordonnier
    Pages 459-467
  25. Elias V. Balaskas, Dimitrios G. Oreopoulos
    Pages 469-485
  26. Inge Bjørn Brekke, Gunnar Sødal, Hallvard Holdaas, Per Fauchald, Jak Jervell
    Pages 487-494
  27. Eli A. Friedman
    Pages 495-514
  28. Gian Carlo Viberti, Carl Erik Mogensen, Philippe Passa, Rudy Bilous, Rugero Mangili
    Pages 515-527
  29. Back Matter
    Pages 529-547

About this book


medical research covered in thisvolume: epidemiology, physiologyand pathophysio­ logy, laboratory methodology, and renal pathology. New studies deal with the diagnosis and treatment of both incipient and overt nephropathy by metabolie, antihypertensive, and dietary invention. Considerable progress has been made in the management of end-stage renal failure and also in the management and treatment of nephropathy in the pregnant diabetic woman. Diabetic nephropathy is a worldwide problem, but it is more clearly defined in Europe and North America where facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and its complications are readily available. Much more work needs to be done in other parts of the world, as it appears from this book. It is hoped that we now have a handbook for the kidney and hypertension in diabetes and that further progress can be made in clinical work in diagnosing and treating diabetic patients. Much more work still needs to be done regarding patient education with respect to complications. Many diabetics have now been trained to take part in the management of their metabolie control; they should also be trained to take part in the follow-up and treatment of complications. This volume also underlines the considerable need for future research. So far, research in this field has been carried out in relatively few countries and centers in the world. The editor is sure that this volume will also stimulate further advan­ cement in clinical science within the field of diabetic renal disease.


Diabetes Diabetes mellitus Insulin Pancreas blood pressure cardiovascular growth factor homeostasis hypertension kidney metabolic control transplantation vascular disease

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