Pathology of the Female Genital Tract

  • Ancel Blaustein

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Eduard G. Friedrich Jr., Edward J. Wilkinson
    Pages 13-58
  3. Ancel Blaustein
    Pages 59-86
  4. Stanley J. Robboy, Robert E. Scully, Arthur L. Herbst
    Pages 87-101
  5. Alex Ferenczy
    Pages 102-123
  6. Alex Ferenczy
    Pages 124-142
  7. Alex Ferenczy
    Pages 143-165
  8. Lila Nachtigall
    Pages 206-210
  9. Rita Iovine Demopoulos
    Pages 211-242
  10. Rita Iovine Demopoulos
    Pages 249-264
  11. Rita Iovine Demopoulos
    Pages 265-277
  12. Rita Iovine Demopoulos
    Pages 278-298
  13. Rita Iovine Demopoulos
    Pages 299-321
  14. Rita Iovine Demopoulos
    Pages 322-340
  15. James E. Wheeler, Luigi Mastroianni Jr.
    Pages 341-364
  16. Ancel Blaustein
    Pages 365-386
  17. Ancel Blaustein
    Pages 387-392
  18. Ancel Blaustein
    Pages 393-403
  19. Ancel Blaustein
    Pages 404-419
  20. Lawrence R. Shapiro
    Pages 420-452
  21. Bernard Czernobilsky
    Pages 453-504
  22. Robert E. Scully
    Pages 505-526
  23. A. Talerman, M. R. C. Path
    Pages 527-585
  24. Ancel Blaustein
    Pages 627-637
  25. Bradley Bigelow
    Pages 638-645
  26. Bradley Bigelow
    Pages 691-697
  27. Bradley Bigelow
    Pages 698-709
  28. Charles Debrovner
    Pages 734-743
  29. Felix de Narvaez, Rita Blaustein
    Pages 744-771
  30. Back Matter
    Pages 863-897

About this book


This text is written for the obstetrician, gynecologist, pathologist, and for residents training in these disciplines. It is a multi-authored book and the editor is aware of the problems this can create, but the expansion of information in the field of gynecologic pathology renders single au­ thorship obsolete. The format is largely traditional but the contents in­ clude topics that have not appeared in past texts. Clear cell adenocarcinoma of the vagina and vaginal and cervical adenoses are discussed in detail in a separate chapter. A chapter on embryology and congenital anomalies is writ­ ten by an embryologist and the advantage of its inclusion is self evident. Ovarian neoplasms in childhood and ado­ lescence are fortunately rare occurrences, but information concerning them is generally not readily available in exist­ ing texts. It is of sufficient importance to deserve a separate chapter. Amniotic fluid analysis for fetal viability is now commonly used and for this reason a detailed discussion of this subject is presented. A chapter is included on gross description and prepara­ tion of gynecologic specimens. It contains the input and review of several directors of gynecologic-pathology labo­ ratories.


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