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This edition of "Ice Cream" is a full revision of previous editions and includes an updating of the areas that have been affected by changes and new technolo­ gy. The ice cream industry has developed on the basis of an abundant economical supply of ingredients and is a high-volume, highly automated, modern, progressive, very competitive industry composed of large and small businesses manufacturing ice cream and related products. The industry un­ derwent a difficult period of adjusting to economic changes and to the es­ tablishment of product specifications and composition regulations. The latter area has now become more stabilized and the Frozen Desserts Definitions and Standards of Identity are now more clearly defined, as are ingredient and nutritional labeling specifications. The chapters that include basic information on ice cream technology remain for the most part unchanged in order to accommodate beginners in the industry and the smaller processors. In other chapters major revisions and the incorporation of new material have been made. Key classical references and information have been retained or added in order to keep intact those portions of the book which students have found most useful and helpful as reflected in my own teaching, research, and publications in the field of dairy science, and particularly in the field of ice cream production.


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