Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy

  • James B. Pawley

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. David R. Sandison, Rebecca M. Williams, K. Sam Wells, James Strickler, Watt W. Webb
    Pages 39-53
  3. Robert H. Webb, C. Kathleen Dorey
    Pages 55-67
  4. Enrico Gratton, Martin J. vandeVen
    Pages 69-97
  5. Victor Chen
    Pages 99-109
  6. H. Ernst Keller
    Pages 111-126
  7. Carol J. Cogswell, Kieran G. Larkin
    Pages 127-137
  8. Jonathan Art
    Pages 183-196
  9. Hans Chen, Jason R. Swedlow, Marcus Grote, John W. Sedat, David A. Agard
    Pages 197-210
  10. Roger Y. Tsien, Alan Waggoner
    Pages 267-279
  11. P. C. Cheng, A. Kriete
    Pages 281-310
  12. Robert Bacallao, Kianush Kiai, Lynn Jesaitis
    Pages 311-325
  13. M. Terasaki, M. E. Dailey
    Pages 327-346
  14. Stefan W. Hell, Ernst H. K. Stelzer
    Pages 347-354
  15. G. J. Brakenhoff, K. Visscher
    Pages 355-362
  16. Colin J. R. Sheppard, Xiaosong Gan, Min Gu, Maitreyee Roy
    Pages 363-371
  17. Timothy J. Holmes, Santosh Bhattacharyya, Joshua A. Cooper, David Hanzel, Vijaykumar Krishnamurthi, Wen-chieh Lin et al.
    Pages 389-402
  18. W. B. Amos, J. G. White
    Pages 403-415
  19. A. Christyne Bliton, James D. Lechleiter
    Pages 431-444
  20. Winfried Denk, David W. Piston, Watt W. Webb
    Pages 445-458
  21. Roger Y. Tsien, Brian J. Bacskai
    Pages 459-478
  22. A. E. Dixon, Carol Cogswell
    Pages 479-490
  23. A. Draaijer, R. Sanders, H. C. Gerritsen
    Pages 491-505
  24. Carol J. Cogswell
    Pages 507-513
  25. P. M. Delaney, M. R. Harris
    Pages 515-523
  26. Charles J. Koester
    Pages 525-534
  27. Guy Cox
    Pages 535-548
  28. Robert H. Webb
    Pages 571-577
  29. Back Matter
    Pages 579-632

About this book


This third edition of a classic text in biological microscopy includes detailed descriptions and in-depth comparisons of parts of the microscope itself, digital aspects of data acquisition and properties of fluorescent dyes, the techniques of 3D specimen preparation and the fundamental limitations, and practical complexities of quantitative confocal fluorescence imaging. Coverage includes practical multiphoton, photodamage and phototoxicity, 3D FRET, 3D microscopy correlated with micro-MNR, CARS, second and third harmonic signals, ion imaging in 3D, scanning RAMAN, plant specimens, practical 3D microscopy and correlated optical tomography.


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