DNA Damage and Repair

  • Amleto Castellani

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  1. Front Matter
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  2. R. B. Setlow
    Pages 1-9
  3. Lawrence Grossman, Euk Y. Oh, Sharlyn Mazur, Paul Caron
    Pages 11-15
  4. Louie Naumovski, Wolfram Siede, William A. Weiss, Errol C. Friedberg
    Pages 17-25
  5. Jan H. J. Hoeijmakers, M. van Duin, M. Koken, A. Yasui, N. G. J. Jaspers, A. Westerveld et al.
    Pages 27-36
  6. Isabel Mellon, Graciela Spivak, Philip C. Hanawalt
    Pages 37-42
  7. Miria Stefanini
    Pages 43-49
  8. N. G. J. Jaspers, L. Roza, W. Vermeulen, A. Eker, R. D. F. M. Taalman, J. H. J. Hoeijmakers et al.
    Pages 73-82
  9. R. Montesano, P. Degan, M. Serres, C. P. Wild
    Pages 83-86
  10. M. Bignami, G. Aquilina, A. Zijno, G. Frosina, A. Abbondandolo, E. Dogliotti
    Pages 87-95
  11. J. Hall, P. Karran, H. Kataoka, P. Macpherson, C. Stephenson
    Pages 97-106
  12. B. Strauss, D. Sagher, T. Karrison, R. Larson, P. Meier, J. Schwartz et al.
    Pages 107-123
  13. Jacques Laval, Timothy R. O’Connor, Serge Boiteux
    Pages 125-133
  14. Patricia Lefebvre, Françoise Laval
    Pages 135-141
  15. John M. Essigmann
    Pages 143-150
  16. Betsy M. Sutherland, Richard W. Gange, Steven E. Freeman, John C. Sutherland
    Pages 157-168
  17. Kenneth H. Kraemer, Saraswathy Seetharam, Miroslava Protic-Sabljic, Anders Bredberg, Douglas E. Brash, Michael M. Seidman
    Pages 169-181
  18. Robert P. P. Fuchs, Marc Bichara, Dominique Burnouf, Nicole Koffel-Schwartz
    Pages 183-195
  19. M. Mezzina, R. H. Elder, R. Izzo, A. Lisandri, J. M. Rossignol, U. Bertazzoni et al.
    Pages 211-222
  20. Yves Pommier, Donna Kerrigan, Christine Jaxel, Joseph M. Covey, Elliott Ulhenhopp, Michael R. Mattern
    Pages 223-241
  21. Michael I. Lerman, Richard L. Norman, Linda Stevens, Sherman F. Stinson, Umberto Saffiotti
    Pages 243-249
  22. L. den Engelse, J. S. Ploem, C. P. Wild, E. Scherer
    Pages 251-262
  23. Patrizia Russo, Maurizio Taningher, Anna Maria Orengo, Silvio Parodi
    Pages 263-270
  24. A. M. Pedrini, S. Tornaletti, S. Barabino, G. Fronza, P. Menichini, A. Abbondandolo
    Pages 271-279
  25. Orazio Cantoni, Girogio Brandi, Peter Cerutti, Raymond E. Meyn, David Murray
    Pages 281-289
  26. Bruce N. Ames
    Pages 291-298
  27. Michael F. Laspia, Susan S. Wallace
    Pages 299-304
  28. John B. Little
    Pages 305-311
  29. M. M. Elkind, H. Utsumi, M. Hagan, E. Ben-Hur
    Pages 345-358
  30. Stuart Linn, Sherman M. Chin, James A. Imlay
    Pages 373-376
  31. Back Matter
    Pages 377-383

About this book


The First International Congress on DNA Damage and Repair was held in Rome, Italy, July 12-17, 1987. It was organized by the Italian Com­ mission for Nuclear Alternative Energy Sources. The subject of DNA damage and repair involves almost all the fields ofbidogical sciences. Some of the more prominent ones include carcino­ genesis, photobiology, radiation biology, aging, enzymology, genetics, and molecular biology. These individual fields have their own interna­ tional meetings and although the meetings often have sessions devoted to DNA repair, they do not bring together a wide diversity of international workers in the field to exchange ideas. The purpose of the Congress was to facilitate such an exchange among scientists representing many fields of endeavor and many countries. The 37 manuscripts in this volume, presented by the invited spea­ kers during the four and half days of the Congress, encompass the field of DNA damage and repair. They cover biological systems ranging from mo­ lecules to humans and deal with damages and repair after treatment of cells with various types of radiations, chemicals, and exogenous and en­ dogenous oxidative damages. The Congress and its Proceedings are dedicated to two international leaders in the field of DNA damage and repair, Alexander Hollaender of the United States and Adriano Buzzati Traverso of Italy. Hollaender, who died in December 1986, was one of the first investigators to recognize the damage to DNA was important in cell killing and mutagenesis. His early work indicated that cells could recover from radiation injury.


DNA DNA repair Nucleotide biological biology cell cells energy methylation molecular biology mutation oncogene protein radiation synthesis

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