Analytical Calorimetry

Volume 3

  • Roger S. Porter
  • Julian F. Johnson

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Lee D. Hansen, Reed M. Izatt, Delbert J. Eatough, Trescott E. Jensen, James J. Christensen
    Pages 7-16
  3. Peter W. Carr, Larry D. Bowers
    Pages 45-55
  4. E. Catalano, J. C. English
    Pages 69-80
  5. Allen A. Duswalt
    Pages 137-146
  6. Bruce Cassel, Tsuyoshi Ohnishi
    Pages 147-163
  7. Edward W. Kifer, Lee H. Leiner
    Pages 199-205
  8. L. A. Williams, B. Howard, D. W. Rogers
    Pages 207-216
  9. Albert C. Censullo, John A. Lynch, Dan H. Waugh, Joseph Jordan
    Pages 217-235
  10. Reed M. Izatt, Lee D. Hansen, Delbert J. Eatough, Trescott E. Jensen, James J. Christensen
    Pages 237-248
  11. William C. Herndon, Jerold Feuer, Roy E. Mitchell
    Pages 249-281
  12. Gary L. Bertrand, Thomas E. Burchfield
    Pages 283-292
  13. H. J. Ferrari, N. J. Passarello
    Pages 321-347
  14. John M. Powers, Robert G. Craig
    Pages 349-362
  15. Donald L. Jernigan, James L. McAtee Jr.
    Pages 363-379
  16. Hillar M. Rootare, Robert G. Craig
    Pages 381-396
  17. Mario A. Marini, Charles J. Martin, Robert L. Berger, Luciano Forlani
    Pages 407-424
  18. Charles J. Martin, Bangalore R. Sreenathan, Mario A. Marini
    Pages 425-441
  19. P. W. Carr, E. B. Smith, S. R. Betso, R. H. Callicott
    Pages 457-464
  20. Horst W. Hoyer, Susan Nevin
    Pages 465-472
  21. Richard Fuchs
    Pages 473-478
  22. Elliott Berlin, Phyllis G. Kliman
    Pages 497-504
  23. Ian R. Harrison, Gary L. Stutzman
    Pages 579-592
  24. S. Miyata, T. Arikawa, K. Sakaoku
    Pages 603-609
  25. Edward M. Barrall II, Duane E. Johnson, Barbara L. Dawson
    Pages 611-620

About this book


The research reported in the third volume of Analytical Calorimetry covers a wide variety of topics. The variety indicates the sophistication which thermal analysis is reaching and addition­ ally the ever widening applications that are being developed, Advances in instrumentation include: microcalorimeter design, development and refinement of titration calorimetry, definition of further theory of scanning calorimetry, studies of the temperature of resolution of thermistors, and a refinement of the effluent gas analysis technique and its application to agricultural chemicals as well as organic materials. A wide variety of applications is reported. These cover the fields of polymeric materials, dental materials, inorganic proteins, biochemical materials, gels, mixed crystals, and other specialized areas. Contributions also include applications of important related techniques such as thermomechanical and thermogravimetric analysis. The contributions to this Volume represent papers presented before the Division of Analytical Chemistry at the Third Symposium on Analytical Chemistry held at the 167th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, March 30 - April 5, 1974.


Atom agriculture analytical chemistry bonding calorimeter chemical reaction chemistry development enthalpy fields kinetics metals paper society thermodynamics

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