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BASIC Game Plans

Computer Games and Puzzles Programmed in BASIC

  • Thomas S. Hansen
  • Donald Kahn

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    Pages i-xvii
  2. Rüdeger Baumann
    Pages 21-43
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    Pages 105-127
  5. Rüdeger Baumann
    Pages 129-169
  6. Rüdeger Baumann
    Pages 171-234
  7. Rüdeger Baumann
    Pages 235-252
  8. Rüdeger Baumann
    Pages 253-308
  9. Rüdeger Baumann
    Pages 309-316
  10. Rüdeger Baumann
    Pages 317-320

About this book


The computer is a toy tossed to us by Nature for diversion and comfort in the darkness. d'Alembert I hate everything which merely instructs without stimulating me or increasing my own activity. Goethe Let's try to eliminate some misconceptions from the outset: this book is not a collection of game recipes as­ sembled in the form of finished programs which only have to be typed into the computer and then played. Far from it. The object is to challenge readers to activate their own creativity in using computer games. The game concept is designed to develop into game strategy and this then should form the basis of computer programming. Programming comput­ ers is in itself the game. Or, to put it another way, read­ ers can learn programming while playing. No previous knowledge of programming is assumed of readers and users of this book -- only the willingness to accept new ideas and improve upon them independently. While all the programs in this book have been run and tested, some are intentionally imperfect. They await the finishing touches from you, the reader. The additional brainteasers at the end of the chapters (or, occasionally, after a sec­ tion within a chapter) are therefore designed to inspire your imagination and encourage your independence. The material is drawn from numerous sources.


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