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The Physical Basis of Biochemistry

The Foundations of Molecular Biophysics


Table of contents

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    Pages i-xxii
  2. The Science and Philosophy of Biophysical Study

  3. Physical Foundations

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      Pages 41-41
    2. Peter R. Bergethon
      Pages 48-67
    3. Peter R. Bergethon
      Pages 68-96
    4. Peter R. Bergethon
      Pages 97-108
    5. Peter R. Bergethon
      Pages 109-124
    6. Peter R. Bergethon
      Pages 125-157
    7. Peter R. Bergethon
      Pages 158-172
  4. Measuring a System: Tools for Exploring Natural State Space

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 173-173
    2. Peter R. Bergethon
      Pages 249-267
    3. Peter R. Bergethon
      Pages 268-281

About this book


The objective of this book is to provide a unifying approach to the study of biophysical chemistry for the advanced undergraduate who has had a year of physics, organic chem­ istry, calculus, and biology. This book began as a revised edition of Biophysical Chemistry: Molecules to Membranes, which Elizabeth Simons and I coauthored. That short volume was written in an attempt to provide a concise text for a one-semester course in biophysical chemistry at the graduate level. The experience of teaching biophysical chemistry to bi­ ologically oriented students over the last decade has made it clear that the subject requires a more fundamental text that unifies the many threads of modem science: physics, chem­ istry, biology, mathematics, and statistics. This book represents that effort. This volume is not a treatment of modem biophysical chemistry with its rich history and many contro­ versies, although a book on that topic is also needed. The Physical Basis of Biochemistry is an introduction to the philosophy and practice of an interdisciplinary field in which biological systems are explored using the quantitative perspective of the physical scientist. I have three primary objectives in this volume: one, to provide a unifying picture of the interdisciplinary threads from which the tapestry of biophysical studies is woven; two, to provide an insight into the power of the modeling approach to scientific investigation; and three, to communicate a sense of excitement for the activity and wholesome argument that characterize this field of study.


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