Small States Inside and Outside the European Union

Interests and Policies

  • Laurent Goetschel

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    Pages I-8
  2. Laurent Goetschel
    Pages 9-12
  3. Franz von Däniken
    Pages 43-48
  4. Anton Egger
    Pages 97-105
  5. Andreas Rendl
    Pages 161-168
  6. Teija Tiilikainen
    Pages 169-179
  7. Sasha Baillie
    Pages 193-205
  8. Tony Brown
    Pages 243-266
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 285-295

About this book


Small States in and outside the European Union offers a broad overview of the small states problematic in Europe. It touches upon definition issues, history, security policy, neutrality, EU institutional aspects and also includes contributors from Central and Eastern European countries.
It presents a thorough analysis of different scenarios for EU institutional reform and their repercussions on the influence of small member states. The comparative results are visualized in tables. The work contains several contributions from practitioners who give insight into policy games and issues of national sensitivity not usually covered by purely scholarly publications.
The European environment has changed dramatically through the processes of regional integration and rising interdependence. Relations between European states both inside and outside the EU are governed as never before by rules, norms, and fixed procedures. The book investigates the consequences of these developments on the foreign and security policy of small states. Academics and professionals from Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Sweden, and Switzerland, as well as from the European Commission and the Council of Ministers, elaborate on these issues. Institutional regulations and traditional power politics as well as the foreign and security policy traditions of the states concerned, including the question of neutrality, are investigated. In addition, the book identifies the main interests of small states in today's Europe and offers an overview of different strategies these states apply in the realm of foreign and security policy.
The book is interesting for the case studies it offers as well as for the reflections it contains regarding fundamental questions of the essence of statehood in today's Europe.


European Commission European Union European Union (EU) Policy Politics

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