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Embedded System Applications

  • Claude Baron
  • Jean-Claude Geffroy
  • Gilles Motet

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  2. J. L. Barreda, P. Sánchez
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  3. A. J. Esteves, J. M. Fernandes, A. J. Proença
    Pages 19-32
  4. A. Aiello, J.-F. Santucci, P. Bisgambiglia, M. Delhom
    Pages 33-44
  5. M. Allemand, S. Coupet-Grimal, J.-L. Paillet
    Pages 45-71
  6. K. Olcoz, J. F. Santucci, J. F. Tirado
    Pages 73-87
  7. P. Arató, I. Jankovits, Z. Sugár, Sz. Szigeti
    Pages 89-108
  8. A. Rucinski, N. Valverde, C. Baron, P. Bisgambiglia, D. Federici, J-F. Santucci
    Pages 141-151
  9. Dominique Fédérici, Jean-François Santucci, Paul Bisgambiglia
    Pages 171-181
  10. M. Saleman, J.-F. Ereau
    Pages 191-201
  11. J. J. Sellers, T. J. Lawrence, M. Paul
    Pages 203-230
  12. J.-L. Noullet, L. Ravera, A. Ferreira, D. Lagrange, M. Giard, M. Torres
    Pages 231-243
  13. V. Baudin, M. Diaz, P. Owezarski, T. Villemur
    Pages 245-261

About this book


Embedded systems encompass a variety of hardware and software components which perform specific functions in host systems, for example, satellites, washing machines, hand-held telephones and automobiles. Embedded systems have become increasingly digital with a non-digital periphery (analog power) and therefore, both hardware and software codesign are relevant. The vast majority of computers manufactured are used in such systems. They are called `embedded' to distinguish them from standard mainframes, workstations, and PCs. Athough the design of embedded systems has been used in industrial practice for decades, the systematic design of such systems has only recently gained increased attention. Advances in microelectronics have made possible applications that would have been impossible without an embedded system design.
Embedded System Applications describes the latest techniques for embedded system design in a variety of applications. This also includes some of the latest software tools for embedded system design. Applications of embedded system design in avionics, satellites, radio astronomy, space and control systems are illustrated in separate chapters. Finally, the book contains chapters related to industrial best-practice in embedded system design.
Embedded System Applications will be of interest to researchers and designers working in the design of embedded systems for industrial applications.


Embedded Systems Standard VHDL circuit design computer-aided design (CAD) integrated circuit modeling multimedia optimization simulation stability system

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  • Claude Baron
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  • Jean-Claude Geffroy
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  • Gilles Motet
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