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Fundamentals of Family Medicine

  • Robert B. Taylor

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Robert B. Taylor
    Pages 1-14
  3. Evan W. Kligman, Frank A. Hale
    Pages 15-56
  4. Joseph E. Scherger
    Pages 57-77
  5. Richard B. Lewan, Bruce Ambuel, Elizabeth E. Brownell, Judith A. Pauwels
    Pages 78-104
  6. Timothy R. Malloy, Daniel E. Halm, Joseph L. Torres, Jeffrey L. Susman
    Pages 105-126
  7. Valerie J. Gilchrist, Melinda Strouse Graham
    Pages 127-139
  8. Anne D. Walling
    Pages 140-160
  9. Stephen A. Brunton, Rita K. Edwards
    Pages 161-180
  10. Barbara D. Reed
    Pages 181-204
  11. George L. Kirkpatrick
    Pages 205-222
  12. Jo Ann Rosenfeld
    Pages 223-251
  13. Jim Nuovo
    Pages 252-281
  14. Howard Weinberg
    Pages 282-300
  15. Alan M. Adelman, James P. Richardson
    Pages 301-315
  16. Larry W. Johnson
    Pages 316-331
  17. Mary A. Willard
    Pages 332-350
  18. Walter L. Calmbach
    Pages 351-378
  19. John B. Murphy, Elise M. Coletta
    Pages 379-392
  20. Daniel J. Van Durme
    Pages 393-413

About this book


Fundamentals of Family Medicine presents the common clinical problems encountered by generalists and, through case studies and discussion questions, enhances the reader's understanding of the process by which practitioners define, prioritize, and manage the diverse problems of many patients.
Core chapters from the fourth edition of Family Medicine: Principles and Practice were selected and updated to cover: - Common acute problems such as otitis media - Common chronic problems such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension - Must-never-miss problems such as myocardial infarction - Problems under current investigation such as HIV - And areas of emphasis for family practitioners such as geriatric care, sports medicine, and domestic violence.


Diabetes Diabetes mellitus care hypertension medicine

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