The Health Care Ethics Consultant

  • Françoise E. Baylis

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  2. Françoise E. Baylis
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  3. Françoise E. Baylis
    Pages 25-44
  4. Michael Burgess, Eugene Bereza, Bridget Campion, Jocelyn Downie, Janet Storch, George Webster
    Pages 63-108
  5. Benjamin Freedman
    Pages 109-132
  6. Larry Lowenstein, Jeanne DesBrisay
    Pages 133-161
  7. Michael D. Coughlin, John L. Watts
    Pages 163-188
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 189-209

About this book


The primary objective of The Health Care Ethics Con­ sultant is to focus attention on an immediate practical problem: the role and responsibilities, the education and training, and the certification and accreditation of health care ethics consultants. The principal questions addressed in this book include: Who should be considered health care ethics consultants? Whom should they advise? What should be their responsi­ bilities and what kind of training should they have? Should there be some kind of accreditation or certification program to ensure that those who call themselves ethics consultants are in fact qualified to advise, consult, research, and write in health care ethics? The distinguished authors ofthese articles are persons with diverse backgrounds, interests, presumptions, and val­ ues. Not surprisingly, therefore, diverse responses have emerged to the questions posed. Though the book's chapters are individually authored, they are informed by the group discussions that went on during active workshop sessions, and by knowledge of the contributions of others. All of the chapters meaningfully represent their consensus. This is not to say that there were no disagreements regarding specific details, but rather that there were no fundamental objections on the book's basic content among a panel of authors who share basic premises regarding the role, responsibilities, education, and certifica­ tion of health care ethics consultants.


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