Symmetries in Science II

  • Bruno Gruber
  • Romuald Lenczewski

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  2. L. C. Biedenharn, E. Sorace, M. Tarlini
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  3. Konrad Bleuler
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  4. J. P. Draayer, Yorck Leschber
    Pages 127-147
  5. Philip Feinsilver
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  6. Joseph N. Ginocchio
    Pages 175-183
  7. Bruno Gruber, Romuald Lenczewski
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  8. Christopher T. Hill
    Pages 225-234
  9. F. Iachello
    Pages 247-254
  10. John R. Klauder
    Pages 271-278
  11. J. Kocik, J. Rzewuski
    Pages 289-311
  12. Yinsheng Ling, Shenxin Dong, Dehuang Ji
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  13. Harry J. Lipkin, Murray Peshkin
    Pages 323-328
  14. Miguel Lorente
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  15. Michael J. Moravcsik
    Pages 355-360
  16. Patrick L. Nash
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  17. Yuval Ne’eman, Djordje Šijački
    Pages 381-391
  18. Yoshio Ohnuki, Susumu Kamefuchi
    Pages 407-417
  19. Nikos Salingaros
    Pages 467-470
  20. E. C. G. Sudarshan
    Pages 483-492
  21. J. A. Tuszyński
    Pages 503-515
  22. N. Ya. Vilenkin, A. U. Klimyk
    Pages 531-545

About this book


The Symposium "Symmetries in Science II" was held at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, during the period March 24-26, 1986, following the Einstein Centennial Symposium "Symmetries in Science" after a lapse of seven years. As it was the case for the original Symposium, the 1986 Symposium was truly interdisciplinary and truly international. I wish to thank all participants who made the. effort to come to Carbondale, Illinois, from allover the world. At this point I also wish to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Albert Somit, President of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and Dr. John C. Guyon, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Their generous support and encouragement was instrumental in getting the Symposium organized. In addition I wish to thank Associate Vice President Charles B. Klasek, Dr. Russell R. Dutcher, Dean of the College of Science, John H. Yopp, Associate Dean, College of Science, Dr. Subir K. Bose, Chairman of the Physics Department, Dr. James Tyrrell, Chairman of the Chemistry Department, Dr. Jared H. Dorn, Director of International Programs and Services, Dr. Rhonda Jo Vinson, Director of International and Economic Development, Dr. Tommy T. Dunagan, Vice President of Sigma Xi at Southern Illinois University, Dr. George Garoian, Professor of Zoology, Dr. Ann Phillippi, Assistant Professor of Zoology and Dr. Linda R. Gannon, Coordinator of Women's Studies, for their support and assistance.


algebra dynamics electromagnetic mechanics phase transition spectroscopy thermodynamics

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