Advances in Elastomers and Rubber Elasticity

  • Joginder Lal
  • James E. Mark

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. George Odian
    Pages 1-16
  3. S. L. Aggarwal, I. G. Hargis, R. A. Livigni, H. J. Fabris, L. F. Marker
    Pages 17-36
  4. Claus D. Eisenbach, Martin Baumgartner, Claudia Günter
    Pages 51-87
  5. Roderic P. Quirk, Michael T. Sarkis, Dale J. Meier
    Pages 143-155
  6. James V. Crivello, Julia L. Lee, David A. Conlon
    Pages 157-173
  7. C. S. L. Baker, D. Barnard
    Pages 175-188
  8. Gerald Scott, Khirud B. Chakraborty, S. Mehdi Tavakoli
    Pages 189-196
  9. T. Nakagawa, S. Yagishita, K. Hosoya, M. Inagami
    Pages 221-232
  10. Luciano Gargani, Mario Bruzzone
    Pages 233-251
  11. Giuseppe Allegra
    Pages 303-314
  12. R. F. T. Stepto
    Pages 329-345
  13. C. W. Macosko, J. C. Saam
    Pages 347-360
  14. R. W. Brotzman
    Pages 361-377
  15. Richard S. Stein, Vivek K. Soni, Hsinjin E. Yang
    Pages 379-392
  16. Hyuk Yu, Toshiaki Kitano, Chung Yup Kim, Eric J. Amis, Taihyun Chang, Michael R. Landry et al.
    Pages 407-420
  17. Paul J. R. Leblans, Boudewijn J. R. Scholtens
    Pages 421-433
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 435-444

About this book


The present book is a sequel to "Elastomers and Rubber Elasticity," edited by J.E. Mark and J. Lal and published by the American Chemical Society in 1982. It is also based on papers presented at an ACS Symposium, sponsored by the Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc., in this case one held in Chicago in September of 1985. The keynote speaker was to have been Pro­ fessor Paul J. Flory, and his untimely death just prior to the symposium was a tremendous loss to all of polymer science, in particular to those in­ terested in elastomeric materials. It is to his memory that this book is dedicated. There has been a great deal of progress in preparing and studying elas­ tomers since the preceding symposium, which was in 1981. In the case of the synthesis and curing of elastomers, much of the background necessary to an appreciation of these advances is given in the first, introductory chapter.


deformation elasticity material mechanics microstructure polymer

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