Scaling Phenomena in Disordered Systems

  • Roger Pynn
  • Arne Skjeltorp

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. R. B. Stinchcombe
    Pages 13-30
  3. Leonard M. Sander
    Pages 31-47
  4. M. Kolb, R. Jullien, R. Botet
    Pages 71-78
  5. L. J. Gray, S. H. Liu, T. Kaplan
    Pages 79-83
  6. H. E. Stanley, G. Daccord, H. J. Herrmann, J. Nittmann
    Pages 85-97
  7. J. K. Kjems, T. Freltoft
    Pages 133-140
  8. J. K. Kjems, P. Schofield
    Pages 141-149
  9. S. K. Sinha, J. Huang, S. K. Satija
    Pages 157-162
  10. David Andelman, Jean-François Joanny
    Pages 163-169
  11. D. A. Weitz, M. Y. Lin, J. S. Huang, T. A. Witten, S. K. Sinha, J. S. Gethner et al.
    Pages 171-188
  12. A. J. Allen, P. Schofield
    Pages 189-192
  13. C. Allain, M. Cloitre
    Pages 193-195
  14. Per Bak
    Pages 197-205
  15. J. D. Axe, S. M. Shapiro, Y. Yamada, N. Hamaya
    Pages 231-236
  16. Eric Courtens
    Pages 237-242
  17. Paolo Sibani
    Pages 243-248
  18. Stephen Wolfram
    Pages 249-277
  19. Richard F. Voss, Robert B. Laibowitz, Eileen I. Alessandrini
    Pages 279-288
  20. Amnon Aharony
    Pages 289-300
  21. Amnon Aharony, Yuval Gefen, Yacov Kantor
    Pages 301-306
  22. H. Eugene Stanley, A. Bunde, A. Coniglio, D. C. Hong, P. Meakin, T. A. Witten
    Pages 307-333
  23. R. Orbach
    Pages 335-359
  24. B. W. Southern, A. R. Douchant
    Pages 365-369
  25. Toshiya Ohtsuki, Thomas Keyes
    Pages 375-379
  26. Yigal Meir, Amnon Aharony, A. Brooks Harris
    Pages 381-385
  27. Rafael Blumenfeld, Amnon Aharony
    Pages 387-390
  28. Yacov Kantor
    Pages 391-396
  29. Shechao Feng
    Pages 397-398
  30. Christophe Baudet, Elixabeth Charlaix, Eric Clément, Etienne Gyron, Fean-Pierre Hulin, Christophe Leroy
    Pages 399-422
  31. Jacques Villain
    Pages 423-447
  32. R. A. Cowley, R. J. Birgeneau, G. Shirane, H. Yoshizawa
    Pages 449-453
  33. S. A. Higgins, W. A. H. M. Vlak, M. Hagen, R. A. Cowley, A. F. M. Arts, H. W. de Wijn
    Pages 455-460
  34. G. Aeppli, H. Guggenheim, Y. J. Uemura
    Pages 461-464
  35. R. B. Stinchcombe
    Pages 465-482
  36. R. C. Ball
    Pages 483-490
  37. D. Richter, B. Ewen
    Pages 491-506
  38. Zoran B. Djordjević, Zorica V. Djordjević
    Pages 507-517
  39. Mohamed Daoud
    Pages 519-524
  40. K. Binder, K. Kremer
    Pages 525-536
  41. J. L. McCauley Jr., J. I. Palmore
    Pages 555-561

About this book


This volume comprises the proceedings of a NATO Advanced Study Institute held in Geilo, Norway, between 8-19 April 1985. Although the principal support for the meeting was provided by the NATO Committee for Scientific Affairs, a number of additional sponsors also contributed, allowing the assembly of an unusually large number of internationally rec­ ognized speakers. Additional funds were received from: EXXON Research and Engineering Co. IBM (Europe) Institutt for energiteknikk (NorwaY) Institut Lauge-Langevin (France) The Norwegian Research Council for Science and Humanities NORDITA (Denmark) The Norwegian Foreign Office The U. S. Army Research, Development and Standardization Group (Europe) The U. S. National Science Foundation - The Norwegian Council for Science and Letters The organizing committee would like to take this opportunity to thank these contributors for their help in promoting a most exciting rewarding meeting. This Study Institute was the eighth of a series of meetings held in Geilo on subjects related to phase transitions. In contrast to previous meetings which were principally concerned with transitions in ordered systems, this school addressed the problems which arise when structural order is absent. The unifying feature among the subjects discussed at the school and the link to themes of earlier meetings was the concept of scaling.


development dynamical systems frequency glass model network phase simulation stability Standard

Editors and affiliations

  • Roger Pynn
    • 1
  • Arne Skjeltorp
    • 2
  1. 1.Laue-Langevin InstituteGrenobleFrance
  2. 2.Institute for Energy TechnologyKjellerNorway

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