Nutritional Biochemistry and Pathology

  • Walter Santos
  • Nabuco Lopes
  • J. J. Barbosa
  • Dagoberto Chaves
  • José Carlos Valente

Part of the Nutrition and Food Science book series (NFS, volume 3)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Nutritional Biochemistry

  3. Pathological and Clinical Nutritional

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 155-155
    2. Hisato Yoshimura, Katsuharu Kubo, Noriko Tanaka
      Pages 157-164
    3. Panata Migasena
      Pages 187-191
    4. Liana Schlesinger
      Pages 193-201
    5. Geraldo A. Medeiros Neto
      Pages 227-234
    6. Amaury de Medeiros Filho
      Pages 239-243
    7. L. Carneiro, T. Watanaba, J. C. Scornavachi, H. Niepomniszcze, O. J. Degrossi
      Pages 251-268
    8. R. K. Chandra
      Pages 269-271
    9. Hugues Gounelle de Pontanel
      Pages 273-278
    10. N. Zöllner
      Pages 307-309
    11. G. L. Blackburn
      Pages 315-316
    12. Frederick H. Epstein
      Pages 317-321
    13. E. Deutsch, K. Bauer
      Pages 323-330
    14. E. M. Widdowson
      Pages 349-352
    15. D. Roger Illingworth, William E. Connor
      Pages 365-378

About this book


The Brazilian Society of Nutrition, through the present public­ ation, brings to the attention of the world scientific community the works presented at the XI INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF NUTRITION which, promoted by this Society and under the sponsorship of the Interna­ tional Union of Nutritional Science, was held in the city of Rio de Janeiro from August 27th to September lst, 1978. The publication, edited by Plenum Publishing Corporation, is 11 titled Nutrition and Food Science: Presented Knowledge and Utiliza­ tion•• and appears in three volumes. under the following titles and sub-titles: Vol. I - FOOD AND NUTRITION POLICIES AND PROGRAMS - Planning and Implementation of National Programs - The role of International and Non-governmental Agencies - The role of the Private Sector -Program Evaluation and Nutritional Surveillance - Nutrition Intervention Programs for Rural and UrbanAreas - Mass Feeding Programs - Consumer Protection Programs Vol. I I -NUTRITION EDUCATION AND FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Animal and Vegetable Resources for Human Feeding - Food Science and Technology - Research in Food and Nutrition - Nutrition Education Vol. I I I -NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMISlRY AND PATHOLOGY - Nutritional Biochemistry - Pathological and Chemical Nutrition - Nutrition, Growth and Human Development v vi FOREWORD It is hoped that this publication may prove useful to all those who are tnterested in the different aspects of Nutrition Science. Editorial Committee: Walter J. Santos J. J.


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