Coherence and Quantum Optics IV

Proceedings of the Fourth Rochester Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics held at the University of Rochester, June 8–10, 1977

  • Leonard Mandel
  • Emil Wolf
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Coherent Interactions I

  3. Lasers I

    1. Hermann Haken
      Pages 49-62
    2. R. Gilmore, L. M. Narducci
      Pages 81-91
  4. Resonance Fluorescence I

  5. Resonance Fluorescence II

  6. Photon Echo, Free Induction and Propagation

    1. Richard G. Brewer
      Pages 139-140
    2. J. D. W. van Voorst, H. M. M. Hesp, J. Langelaar, D. Bebelaar
      Pages 141-141
    3. F. P. Mattar, M. C. Newstein, P. E. Serafim, H. M. Gibbs, B. Bölger, G. Forster et al.
      Pages 143-164
    4. P. Hu, S. Geschwind, T. M. Jedju
      Pages 175-185
    5. W. M. Gutman, C. V. Heer
      Pages 187-195
  7. Electromagnetic Theory and Optical Coherence

  8. Superradiance I

  9. Light Scattering

    1. H. L. Swinney, P. R. Fenstermacher, J. P. Gollub
      Pages 317-318
    2. M. Bertolotti, F. Scudieri
      Pages 319-332
    3. J. G. Gallagher, Dae M. Kim, C. D. Armeniades
      Pages 341-349
    4. G. Parry, P. N. Pusey, E. Jakeman, J. G. McWhirter
      Pages 351-361
  10. Two-Photon Resonances

  11. Radiative Transfer and Coherence

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