Atherosclerotic Plaques

Advances in Imaging for Sequential Quantitative Evaluation

  • Robert W. Wissler
  • M. Gene Bond
  • Michele Mercuri
  • Piero Tanganelli
  • Giorgio Weber
  • Gertrud Friedman

Part of the Nato ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 219)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Session 1

    1. J. Bonnet, Th. Couffinal, V. Tourtoulou, D. Benchimol
      Pages 9-16
  3. Session 2

    1. Luigi Giusto Spagnoli, Alessandro Mauriello, Giampiero Palmieri, Augusto Orlandi, Giuseppe Santeusanio
      Pages 27-37
  4. Session 3

    1. Dieter M. Kramsch, Robert H. Selzer, David H. Blankenhorn
      Pages 55-61
    2. Luigi Landini, Eugenio Picano, Pio Urbani, Marco Paterni, Maria Filomena Santarelli, Gualtiero Pelosi et al.
      Pages 69-75
    3. P. Pantano, C. Laudani, V. Di Piero, R. Casati, M. Ricci, R. M. Moresco et al.
      Pages 77-80
  5. Session 4

    1. Sven Paulin, Dennis J. Atkinson, Deborah Burstein, Robert R. Edelman, Eric T. Fossel, Warren J. Manning
      Pages 111-120
    2. W.-R. Dix, K. Engelke, W. Graeff, J. Heuer, W. Kupper, M. Lohmann et al.
      Pages 121-130
    3. M. Mercuri, M. G. Bond, H. L. Strickland, W. J. Bo, C. P. Purvis, V. Challa
      Pages 141-145
    4. Maurizio Soma, Tiziana Beringhelli, Rodolfo Paoletti, Maria Asdente, Winfried Kuhn
      Pages 147-156
  6. Session 5

  7. Session 6

  8. Session 7

    1. Donald D. Heistad, J. Antonio G. Lopez, Frank M. Faraci, Mark L. Armstrong
      Pages 251-260
    2. Günter Siegel, Kirsten Rückborn, Axel Walter, Frank Schnalke, Günter Stock
      Pages 261-272
    3. Jan Galle, Eberhard Bassenge
      Pages 273-283
    4. Geoffrey Burnstock, Anne Stewart-Lee, Antonia Brizzolara, Annette Tomlinson, Laura Corr
      Pages 285-292
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 295-309

About this book


The philosophy of this NATO Advanced Research Workshop and the monograph it has yielded is that if you put a small number of very talented and creative scientists of different backgrounds and documented accomplishments together in a cloistered place for a few days to consider a very important and timely topic, many new ideas will be generated. The keynote of this conference was the Future. By this we mean the expected future developments of highly reliable sequential quantitative measurements of atherosclerotic plaque size and components in living human subjects. Some of the best minds and the most experienced and talented individuals at the leading edges of imaging of arteries were involved; some of the best scientists and students of the atherosclerotic plaque and its components participated; and some of the leading investigators of the cell biology or, as we call it in the USA, the pathobiology of atherosclerosis, contributed important new information. All of these individuals were actively involved in the conference and each obviously had carefully prepared and was able to communicate effectively.


Dilatation angiography atherosclerosis cell cell biology imaging ultrasound

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  • Robert W. Wissler
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  • M. Gene Bond
    • 2
  • Michele Mercuri
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  • Piero Tanganelli
    • 3
  • Giorgio Weber
    • 3
  • Gertrud Friedman
    • 1
  1. 1.University of Chicago Medical CenterChicagoUSA
  2. 2.Bowman-Gray School of MedicineWinston-SalemUSA
  3. 3.University of SienaSienaItaly

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